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Today, while answering an "anonymous" survey about how to keep my school drug free, I told them they should stop drug testing the kids that they know don't do drugs and test the sketchier ones. They in turn drug tested me. FML
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This warrants a call to the school district... your privacy seems to have been compromised.

jensen21 19

I know quite a few kids that do drugs that don't look sketchy at all. How would they be able to tell for sure if someone did drugs without testing them first?


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This warrants a call to the school district... your privacy seems to have been compromised.

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OP makes it seem like the specifically targeted him/her but it could have been a random drug test that had nothing to do with the survey. That being said, I still think that drug testing is an invasion of privacy just to attend school.

Of course they targeted OP. Anyone who says no to drug testing sounds like they're hiding something!

MartiOan 8

Or OP is one of the sketchy ones

jensen21 19

I know quite a few kids that do drugs that don't look sketchy at all. How would they be able to tell for sure if someone did drugs without testing them first?

My thoughts exactly! When I was in school the people the teachers were suspicious of always seemed to be the cleanest and the students who seemed the most straight edge were the people taking the most drugs! It's difficult for the staff at a school to know who's breaking the rules behind their backs!

Basically OP is suggesting that they should start profiling students....which is a very dangerous thing ( and in this case bad).

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At my school everyone knows who does drugs but no one cares.people even smoke in the bathroom.

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They do drug tests at your schools? I'm pretty sure that they just assume that 50% of our kids smoke weed and call it good.

This begs the question: are you one of the sketchier kids?

I think his suggestion does make him kind of sketchy.

I agree. For all they know, he could look like someone who doesn't do drugs but actually does, and he just made that suggestion to avoid be tested, and subsequently, caught.

See, I thought that maybe perhaps it all actually was anonymous, and they took his suggestion, and thought he was "sketchy" or hung around questionable people.

Even kids who don't look "sketchy" do drugs. Stereotypes are pathetic.

"You want to know how to catch people who are doing drugs? Profile the **** out of everyone in the school." Yea...great idea OP...Gonna be a police officer some day ill bet...

Lizardgirl 7

I go to an all girls catholic school and practically half of my grade does drugs :P (But not me, I'm that antisocial nerd who spends her weekends cuddling with her pet reptiles and watching tv)

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You could understand your lizards better with a little THC. Expand your mind :P

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I have to agree. I was a straight A student in high school, captain of the volleyball and track team, and the teachers loved me. But I smoked weed every now and then. No one ever suspected me until I failed a random drug test. I can't tell you how many times I was told, 'I'm so shocked Jessica, I never suspected you to fail. I'm so disappointed in you.' So yeah, stereotyping is not only wrong, I think in this case it's also a slight form of bullying.

Agreed, one of my friends is pretty sketchy-looking (someone even said he looked like he could blow up the school :/), but he doesn't do any kind of drugs. On the other hand, another friend of mine is a cheerleader, a pretty good student, rich (compared to the rest of the school), and is one of the nicest girls I know, but she's admitted (in story time with a drama class group) that she's smoked weed and drank beer a few times. So, you're right. Stereotypes suck.

If you don't do drugs, then you have nothing to worry about. Plus, doesn't schools drug test EVERYONE?

When did this start? O_o I was never drug tested at school.

At my old school they always drug tested all the Athletes

11- mine doesn't, either. I'm guessing they only do drug tests at the high schools that have had issues with drugs in the past.

11, My high school never drug tested anyone, either. Then again, I graduated 6 years ago this month. I suppose things could've changed a lot in that time.

At my old middle school, they had random drug tests. The officers would come to different classrooms - with their dogs - and tell everyone to leave the room so they could search people's backpacks. 15-20 mins later, they'd clear out the room and - if they didn't find anything - allow everyone to head back in. But oddly enough, they never did that in my high school.

At my school, I don't know about drug tests, but they bring the drug dogs to the student parking lot and sniff out everyones cars. Two seniors got expelled on our last day yesterday for this reason. Way more invasive than drug testing, in my opinion, but more effective.

In my high school (one year ago), there was small amount of random testing that was only for kids with past histories of drug use. There was also dogs that they would have search the school. If a dog picked out your locker, the principal and a cop went through it. If you got picked out by the dog (in random class rooms), you would empty your pockets, purse, and/or anything else on your person that could contain anything. The problem however was that most drugs were prescription drugs, not pot or anything else more easily detectable. Of course with zero tolerance, people caught with Tylenol or allergy medicine were punished. I'm surprised that my school still allows band aids and cough drops as they made a policy that teachers could not give students cough drops or band aids. (They said it was because a highschool kid could be allergic to them and ask for them anyways.)

Oh and I should add that the seniors that were supposed to be expelled for drug use were not only allowed to graduate, but be in the graduate ceremony because my school did not want to ruin their day or lives.

I've never known of a school to test every student. most schools choose students at random (which is actually the only legal way to do it if you are not testing every student) and when I was in high school the athletes were selected at random for drug tests

boy, talk about getting kids used to hearing "Papiere, bitte" on a regular basis.

puffyblake 1

I've been to 4 different high schools in 3 years and none of them had drug testing. One school brought dogs in for 4/20 but that's it..

I'm pretty sure that testing school atheletes is legal but it's not mandatory. But if you refuse they can suspend you from the teams etc. Anyone else can tell them to go **** themselves. I could be wrong.

Not cool at all. The worst part of it all is that they feel they now have a valid excuse

Schools shouldn't do drugtests at all, it's just ridiculous

Your bio says it all on why you posted this comment lol

That doesn't change the fact that schools shouldn't do unwarranted drug tests. There's a line between drug testing students, and infringing on their rights.

toomanyidiots 14

You mean the fact that there isn't a single non-prescription drug that high school students in the U.S. can legally consume or otherwise use? The right to privacy stops when the law is broken. It's why warrants and subpoenas exist. The school probably orders the testing due to past reports of drug abuse.

In my country it's illegal for schools to have drug tests because it is none of their business what you do in your OWN FREE TIME. I really don't understand why I got thumbed down. don't you care about privacy?

^jus cuz ur on a celfone dunt meen we appreci8 txt tlk here #7: I have some Aloe Vera if you need some, that looks like a pretty nasty burn...

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Edit to my statement: Some "behind the counter" drugs will show up on drug tests, such as Bronkaid/Sudafed/possibly some cold medications (contains ephedrine/pseudoephedrine, an amphetamine derivative). They're not prescription drugs, but pharmacists won't sell them without ID. They keep records of (and limits on) buyers so that they can report excessive purchases in the case that someone's supplying a meth lab supplier. Purchase of these drugs could be proven. I don't know if they'd sell to anyone under 18.

toomanyidiots 14

*someone's supplying a meth lab @ #7/#31: Yes, but there's a limit to privacy, and drug abuse isn't a victimless crime. Teenagers tend to be less responsible than adult when it comes to drug use, and even adults cause harm (ex. drunk drivers). Alcohol also interferes with brain and neurological development; development continues throughout adolescence. Cannabis has also recently found to cause a decrease in IQ when used by teenagers (granted, it did not cause a drop in IQ in adults -- because adults have finished developing). Then there are, of course, the hard drugs that I haven't mentioned.

33 why not? recreational drug use is not the same as drug abuse.

#26 I think the point is that it isn't the school's business, they are not law enforcers. Parents have the right to test their kids, police have the right to test within reason, schools do not. I really don't see how it is any of the school's business if someone did drugs at the weekend or out of school hours unless it was for performance enhancers on students representing them. A school couldn't get a warrant or subpoena.

toomanyidiots 14

36: It is drug abuse if the drug cannot legally be consumed, or if legal/prescription drugs are being used in a way they are not meant to be used. Bronkaid, for example, is meant to be taken by people who have bronchitis or asthma and have trouble breathing. Students might take Bronkaid to get high off the ephedrine. Or they might be using legal prescription drugs without the approval of a medical professional, such as amphetamines (methamphetamine/crystal meth is actually legal and sold under the brand name Desoxyn). Students can take amphetamines for a high. Or to improve physical performance in sports or in academics (say, by forcing themselves to stay awake for 18 hours), thereby resulting in an advantage over the rest of the group. The problem with all of the drugs (that I can think of) that act upon the central nervous system -- which they need to do in order to cause a high and be used for recreation -- is that they are habit-forming and addictive. (The one exception to this, maybe, is cannabis.)

toomanyidiots 14

Well, no; if we're talking about high schools in the U.S., they have no use for warrants on school property -- where I am from, lockers and bags can be searched because students are just guests on that property. They may not be law enforcers, but measures are in place to account for the student body of the school and protect the other students. My old high school in NYC had two guards and a one-time locker search when a student stole HCl. Then I have been to schools that had metal detectors and dozens of guards. They tended to be the schools with bomb threats, drug problems, and fights (my middle school). I believe the measures are in place for the safety of the students. A student who tests positive for drugs may not necessarily be prosecuted, but may removed from the rest of the school population so that s/he cannot sell drugs illegally or spread dealer information. And a parent does not always have the option of having their child switch schools... If workplaces can order drug tests, why should schools not be able to do the same? The law is not meant to be oppressive; it is for the good of the public. Not that I'm advocating a Big Brother state. I have not lived in such a state myself, but I have heard enough of Soviet-run Poland.

I'm all for the searches, metal detectors and guards, because that is a school issue, that IS to do with things that are going on in school. Drug tests are to snoop on what goes on in the students lives outside of school, which is beyond the schools remit in my opinion, they are foremost there to educate, not be involved in controlling every aspect of a child's life. A kid who tries a joint at a party then tests positive, and is removed from school for it? Kinda ridiculous. As I said before, that falls under the parents' and police's responsibility, it shouldn't be a school issue.

54 - Weed doesn't always dumb people down. I smoked the night before my Anatomy Bone test and got a 100%. I also was one of the 5% who passed the Muscle test. I have straight A's. Weed has no effect on my knowledge or ability to learn. Don't just start assuming things just because you hear it.

The thing is that it IS the school's concern. There are many students who smoke joints and do drugs DURING school or before class and it affects how they perform in class, how well they learn and their focus. Weed etc. is a personal decision, and when people use it recreationally outside of school then it is not the school's business but while they're in school? Yes, it really is.

Of course there are people who still do just as well when they're smoking, but it really depends on the person. A lot of teens are stupid and get stoned before tests and either fluke a great mark or horrible fail. Usually a fail. I know that I wouldn't be able to test well while high. Maybe drug tests aren't the best approach but kids shouldn't be high during school.

@61: You can't limit the drug test just to school hours. If you just come back from a break like summer vacation and they drug test you, it is right? Schools are not a branch of the legal system. Searches are more acceptable as they judge your actions in school, which is acceptable, unlike drug tests which penalize students for activities outside of school which the school has no control or discipline action over.

Oh and since more kids experiment with either drugs or alcohol in their adolescence years, then there is a possibility of "catching' the kids that are not the problem kids, but ones that only tried it once.

Plus everyone has their addiction(s). It could be exercise, gambling, caffeine (It's a stimulant!), video games, FML, Facebook, books, make up, or whatever else. It can be just as damaging. How often do you see schools going after people with exercise addictions? You could do horrible damage to your muscles, be too tried to perform well academically, and be ignoring your friends and family, but no one cares about that.

School:"I'm afraid we have to take your phone away" Me:"why?" School: "you have a terrible fml addiction" Me:"noooooo , I need my fml"

alicexo_fml 8

35: In that same study, they found that light marijuana use can actually increase IQ, while moderate to heavy use decreases IQ. And their definition of "light" is something like five joints per week. Marijuana should be taken off drug screens, as it is not even comparable to cigarettes.

42, I don't think you know what you're saying, legality has nothing to do with drug abuse. There are a lot of legal drugs that should be illegal and vice versa. Most antidepressants, for instance, are a lot more dangerous than XTC.

yryilmaz 13

They don't have drug tests where I live because: 1. No one gives a **** 2. Probably about 60% of us would fail and that would make them look bad. I'm glad that they don't drug test.

54, oh how I love the weed makes you dumber argument. If you'd ever actually tried it you'd be able to see that it has no lasting effects what so ever. So please tell me how it makes you dumber if it doesn't actually effect you long term except maybe your short term memory, but that only lasts as long as you're high. It wears off with the high.

@53 truly spoken like someone who doesn't know a thing about marijuana use, aside from the medias skewed perspective.

How do these schools afford it? Most schools can't get books or the money for a full staff, but drug tests are in the budget?

alicexo_fml 8

#80 It does make you dumber. Short term memory loss is a side effect of smoking that lasts for over thirty days. Smoking marijuana is not conclusive research. There's a little thing called Google Scholar with actual scientific studies. Use it. Instead of reading High Times magazine or wherever you get your info.

Your father might be an asshole, but you don't have to blame weed for that. Apparently that just runs in the family. Your last comment even proves you just need a scapegoat for your father's behaviour. And no you don't know anything about despite your so called observations.

Dude you just sound like some guy who has some pathetic ******* daddy issues and blames it on weed. Lighten up.

103-my info comes from myself thanks. I know how it effects me and guess what, that's the information and facts that matter to me. But I'm sure no one has heard of using it for a medical purpose before or least that's how you're coming across. Yes, everything has a side effect but some slight short term memory loss that doesn't even really last all that long is way better than any side effect for any pain medication I've been on for my back in the last 10 years. Those all make me sick and miserable, weed doesn't, so, I'll take the minor side effect over the big, long lasting ones from over the counter and prescription drugs.

Ciraxas 7

Why did 42 get thumbed down, when that all accurate, relevant info?

Ciraxas 7

Trutous. You are genuinely the dumbest person I've ever encountered. **** you

Did you say fml because they drugged tested you and got caught or are you upset they used your idea?

TheHeavyOne 15

Where is this that schools do drug tests? I've never heard of this done before. Private school?

Happens all the time, but it's usually just dogs trained to sniff out drugs here

oj101 33

All that matter is you don't do drugs, and you come up negative in the test. Actually, there may be 'non sketchy' people who do drugs but aren't made to take the test.

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