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Today, I was listening to my favorite radio station outta Detroit. A commercial came on for a program that was giving federal grants to people who were going into a trade, like me. Right as I was getting excited I heard the words "brought to you by the government of Canada." FML
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Did you know that if you type "Titanic" in Google Earth it'll take you to where it lies at the bottom of the Atlantic!

Just move there a while. Detroit and Windsor are extremely close.

shadow... ur pretty :x to the OP: I don't get it... -_- can't u just lie?

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56: and say that he lives in Canada? Probably not.

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you cannot see the titanic but you can see what is suposed to be area 51

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Wait what's worse: Detroit or Canada?

It's true Jenni you just gotta have the latest version!

Shadow_Kissed, Canadian's hate the word "Canadia"

ScapeWh0re, I'm Canadian and I don't hate it. To be honest, though, I only use the word to mock Americans (you know, the ones who think that we dogsled-pool).

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107- I'm Canadian and I don't hate Canadia :/

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You are pretty and Canada is fecking awesome!

Detroit is worse. Detroit is even worse than Baghdad or Mogadishu.

Puuuuuh-leeeez: I'm American, and even I have to admit that Detroit loses against Canada...(but the *rest* of America? SOLID WIN. :D jk, The D wins, too. :)

I'm Canadian and I refer to Canada as Canadia all the time, what are you on about?

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Detroit. I lived there for 12 years of my life and it's full of gangs and such. I still love Michigan, I really do. It's just, I think Detroit is much more dangerous.

Saying "Today, I realized I am not Canadian. FML." would have been a good post. How are you Americans enjoying your health care plan? Or your relations with other countries? Or your economy? On a final note, you may think we are Americas hat, but America is our asshole.

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Canada is amazing !!! I am Canadian !! p.s. I see u play hockey !! same !! do u play rep ??

It doesnt bother me when when they say canadia, is there an alternate meaning to it im missing?

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all hail Canada!!!!! haha that sucks though

oh canada or home and native land hahaha America sux **** you yanks

15, if we nukes Canada, we would probably nuke our north border. let's hope you live there

Of you nuke Canada, all ours exports will be blown up..

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Actually, we're in the best economic position of any developed country in the world right now. America's the one that's currently being criticized for not only careless economic measures, but also a sense of unvalid ethnocentrism that too many people, such as yourself, show off.

Nick is an idiot. I'm Canadian and I've got no trouble with the US. Although Perdix just made himself sound really dumb.

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Actually, we're in the best economic position of any developed country in the world right now. America's the one that's currently being criticized for not only careless economic measures, but also a sense of unvalid ethnocentrism that too many people, such as yourself, show off.

I don't think that's the real Perdix... btw I <3 Canada! I find that the people in Canada are very nice and it's pretty in Canada! I would consider moving there if my fiancée wanted to but all of our friends and family are in Jersey, so in stuck in this state D:

your welcome ya olympics I can go on a 10 min bus ride and watch them

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GB is in better shape than Canada. Also, we're all arguing on an operating system created within the US. Also, the amazing iPhone OS. Created in the US. The horrible, shitty hardware: most likely outside of the US.

97: Is your point in a follow-up post somewhere? I don't see it.

97, are you aware that a Canadian invented the telephone? Without Canada iPhone's wouldn't exist, dumbass.

Sorry love_me_electric. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland and divided his adult life between Canada and the USA; so the Americans can rightfully claim him too. That said, many of his greatest discoveries were made on Canadian soil. If you want a really fantastic and undeniably Canadian invention go with the zipper. Without Canada, everyone would be limited to only buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes, velco, and buckles. The horror!!

Nuke Canada ruins there exports? Yeah your right. You're only good for your exports. The people can go dissappear. "I'm off to destroy Canada...Why...They've had it too good for too long." Also Canada your army sucks. You haven't been in a major war since WWII. Don't act like your big boys. Your small very small. (not talking about labdmass)

fistpumpin like champs in jersey? lol omg jk!

without people you would have no one to export goods to your country.. And just because we don't go throwing our army into any country we want doesn't mean we have a bad army. We are a peace keeping country. And even in WWII we had arguably the best trained army in the world. Canada successfully completed more of it's objectives than any other allied army did. At the end of WWII we had one of the strongest navy fleets in the world. Ever heard of James Bond? Based off a Canadian, who was trained at a Canadian spy school, one of the best in the world that spies from all over the world trained at.

#144: You call dumbass, but I CALL your call with a that-apostrophe-is-totally-out-of-place ftw. :D

that's what you get for being an idiot :)

Enjoy your internet censorship! And you ***** stay out of my Canada. Don't want all you retards ruining the place.

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What a lame FML... And FYI the government does give out such a grant, it's called a Pell grant, google it.

Quick! Jump the border! The guards a slack this time of year!

Not this year, Vancouver 2010. All of our border staff are paying attention nowadays.

89X is run out of Windsor, despite being a detroit radio station. But still, pretty lame FML.

It is not a Detroit radio station.. It's run by CHUM, a Canadian company that controls many radio and television stations throughout Canada. The only reason so many American ads ect are played are because there is such a bigger American population around this region than there is Canadian.

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I'm not arguing, I'm just saying you're exactly right in every way.

Border hop time! time to use your brain first though before fml- hhrrmm if Canada has it maybe my country does too. google research because there are special benefits for certain trades here in the US.

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89x radio - cimx - windsor/detroit it's ur favorite station and u never noticed the call letters?