By Bawo - 02/06/2009 01:20 - United States

Today, I was getting it on with my cute guy friend in his candlelit bedroom and we had just started tearing each other's clothes off. I decided to be coy and sexy and flip my hair to the side. As I did so, my long hair caught in the flames of his lit candles and caught half of my head on fire. FML
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lol we just found the plotline for Twoface: Origins


Idiot. Did you forget you had long hair?

wow smart 1! xD

something tells me her attention was focused elsewhere...

hahaha did u still fuck eachother?

lol we just found the plotline for Twoface: Origins

LMFAO how the hell do you flip your hair near a lit candle, ah this isn't a FYL the smell of burnt hair can be quite sexy don't you know? Sorry but YDI

shave off the other half and pretend u have cancer

#8, you are an idiot, just like the OP.

your sex is on fire!!