By Anonymous - 23/11/2014 10:03 - Canada - Ottawa
Today, the Salvation Army stationed one of their obnoxious bell-ringers in the mall right outside my store. My employees and I can wave goodbye to any form of sanity for the next month. FML
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  doodlecloud  |  26

Surely that's subjective? I'm sure some people wouldn't mind at all, but I also know I have a real problem with that sort of painful and repetitive sound and I'm not sure how well I'd cope.

  BigLatchZatch  |  14

When my house burnt down, the Salvation Army really came through for the entire neighborhood. Whenever I see them I give them the biggest bill in my wallet. I can never repay them enough.

  wallamanut  |  14

you say it's not annoying because you only walk by one of them maybe only every few days or so for like only a few seconds... max. try standing by one for 8-9 hours straight. that's the point OP is trying to make.

  Miss_Moody23  |  19

If they are really annoying, complain to Centre Management. I don't know how it is there in Canada, but here in Australia if a shop owner or customer puts a complaint in, the sales people will be banned from the store because they are interrupting business.

  bunnybean12321  |  18

#64 the salvation army isnt a sales group, the bell ringers are usually volunteers, and its for a charity, a really really good one, they use all the donations to help people get back on their feet from things like home loss and death, to making sure children are clothed and fed

  Mauskau  |  35

If only you could wear ear plugs when you have to serve customers. I'm sure if someone served you whilst wearing some you'd find it quite rude.


Because I'm sure explaining to your manager/boss why you're wearing noise canceling headphones to a retail job, where you have to communicate with customers would go down great.

  Red_Rising  |  13

Salvation Army is sexist and homophobic. They throw away toys that don't fit with their westboro like religion, like black barbies or Harry Potter stuff. So yeah, Id be pissed too

  devildog562  |  33

You may be one of the most ignorant, or stupid , person I've met for a while. Get your facts right, as I have spent time helping organize events in collaboration with the Salvation Army ,the baptist church, and people who want to benefit the world.


Just gonna leave this hear for you guys. Up until this year I've always donated to the SA because my mother did, and my grandmother did. This year, I will be better informed and keep my change for homeless people with a much less sinister agenda.!/entry/why-you-shouldnt-donate-to-the-salvation-army-bell-ringers,5286aa2f025312186c88913f/2

  Axipiter  |  24

Thank you, 15, for posting what you did. I didn't want to stir the pot, especially with one commenter earlier saying how they helped with his house and all. So while they CAN help, it's just sad that they choose WHO they help, from a very small pool.


If it was just them renouncing homosexuality. Whatever. Fine, it's not my job to make everyone accept it. My problem I have is that they're actively trying to hurt people. It's one thing to say you don't like something for whatever reason (let's not get into the debate about whether it's a religious doctrine or not) but when you decide to take money from unsuspecting people and use it to hurt people. That's my problem with them. It is sinister because they don't outright say when you're giving them money. They don't tell you thanks your money is going to fund lobbyist trying to stamp out people's way of life because it's contrary to my own. Or that, "Hey, we only help the certain people who need help that we think are worthy of helping." Now, I have no problem with them. When I told my mom about it she actually told me why we always have given to the SA. Which indeed is a good reason, so maybe the old SA was doing good things for everyone and helped everyone. But apparently they're views have changed to a more targeted stance. And I didn't post this to bash them. But I wouldn't mind letting people be informed and knowing where their pocket change is going. I refuse to give my money to people who are trying to repress a way of life only because they don't like it. I wouldn't mind giving up my monies to someone who was accepting. Or even if not accepting just didn't care. That would sit better with my empty pockets.