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By hinting - 17/06/2013 16:43 - United States - Dearborn

Today, my grandma's new dildo arrived in the mail. We buried her yesterday. FML
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Quite possibly the creepiest FML I've ever read on this site.


Quite possibly the creepiest FML I've ever read on this site.

Wizardo 33

The only possible reaction to this... The Actual **** or the more quintessential - Dafuq?

#44 pretending like it never happened and keeping the good memories with grandma

Look on the bright side at least you didn't find a used toy.

Easily one if the funniest fmls i've ever read. I can just picture their faces :D

MichellinMan 20

The only reasonable thing for OP to do is to dig his grandmother up and then place her ***** in her casket. OP has to put it with her, otherwise, leaving a ***** upon a family member's grave would be deemed inappropriate.

Creepy..... Yes, Grandma was awesome before her untimely demise...... Yes. Either bury it, return it, just don't use it.

groovycrazyjoe 18

grandma didn't get one last hurrah :-(

That sums my reaction towards this FML pretty nicely...

Set it up on your mantle as a reminder of her.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Hell, just take it for yourself. She obviously doesn't need it anymore.

DKjazz 20

Bury it with her, so she may use it in the afterlife.

azouwa 26

That's what I did with my grandpa's. lol

Steve95401 49

Use the ***** as an urn for her ashes if she is cremated.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Steve, maybe we should use your skull for the same thing. There's a lot more empty space to work with.

Holy shit....I thought you were joking noor, but your right. Cleopatra used hollow gourds full of bees as a vibrator.

Noor how do you know such shit? You always impress me

Oh god, what if the bees somehow escaped? You'd feel more than a vibration down there... :¦

RedPillSucks 31

Damn, that's some desperation right there. I guess Anthony was horrible in bed. Something is wrong when one thinks "I know, I'll shove a gourd full of angry bees into my ******. That'll feel better than what I've gotten so far"...

Death won't stop her from having a good time.

okay edward elric, we know your fascination with death already...

Not quite his grandmothers ring passed down but still its now a family heirloom, heirloom of self pleasuring.

At least you know it hasn't been used.

How is that screwed up? Older women aren't allowed to have some fun?

It's not that older people can't have some fun... It's just receiving something like that when the person already passed... That's screwed up