By ShenaniganNinja - 06/11/2014 22:11 - United States - Duvall

Today, I threw out my back while trying to put together my new ergonomic chair, which was supposed to help my bad back. FML
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Hey guys. OP here. Everyone's asking if I finished the chair. I did, but not for several hours. My old chair I was using was barely functional and leaned to one side causing me a lot of pain. I casually mentioned that my back hurt to my boss. The next day when I came into the office I found a box with a new chair was waiting at my desk. Since I am the sole employee of this business and was alone, I had to put it together myself. I threw out my back lifting up one of the parts of the chair. It wasn't even heavy, it was just awkward removing it from the box. My boss was running late and came into work 2 hours later to find me laying on the floor with the half constructed chair next to me. I'm doing okay now. The chair is actually helping.

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I'm sorry for your pain, but I'm laughing at the thought of your boss finding you on the ground

xluciferx666 21

Like one if those life alert commercials "help I've fallen and can't get up"


The irony is just outstanding! Hope you feel better OP!

Put it together faster? /(Ó-Ò)/ The irony can't make it feel any better...

In a situation like this, I'd have the thrill to finish it, just to feel successful after throwing my back out.

The real irony is that Ninga got a ergonomic chair.... :p

danis_fml 12

Did you ever finish the chair?

I really hope OP did finish it. If I was in their case I'd ask a friend or family member to help. Feel better soon OP!

As a matter of fact, I did. And it's a dramatic improvement from my old chair. :)

ColonelCusswords 24

I have a screwy back too, i feel your pain, literally

#3 me too! Feel better OP! Back issues are so miserable....

Maybe find someone else to help out with the chair while you rest your back for a while.

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Well at least you have the chair to fix it!

KittyHawkMarch 29


The important question is, did you finish the chair ?

Those chairs are some backbreaking pieces of technology

Maybe you can call the manufactures and tell them it did not work. Maybe just maybe you can get your money back!

We do not know whether the chair 'worked' or not. Op just hurt her back trying to put it together, so she doesn't need her money back, the chair is still there..