By kirrby - 12/11/2011 06:41 - United States

Today, I tried to break up with my girlfriend because I feel unappreciated. She fell asleep while I was attempting this. FML
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If she fell asleep, then you have a very good reason to feel unappreciated. Dump her sleepy ass.


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chickenwalrus 14

looking back that was a really shitty comment... my apologies.

MizzErikaHart 8

You know what's really crazy these days? All the pancake choices at IHop. ******* crazy, they have like 20 different kinds!

15 - whenever i look at your pic, it looks like you have your legs spead and in the air

KiddNYC1O 20

Says the one with a half man/half unicorn/half American gladiator picture. ^ LOL

58- that was a good come back!! Lol but I agree with the op

chickenwalrus 14

53... whos pic are you looking at bro? hahaha

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you should just change your status on facebook and leave her a wall post and Also put it as your status up date

Bakachu 7

So you had a speech prepared? o__o;;

Bakachu 7

o w o... This was kind of going off on the person above me's comment of how long it took to break up with her. >_< Well, I do agree that they should break up, as she seems to neglect him to the point of falling asleep.

If she fell asleep, then you have a very good reason to feel unappreciated. Dump her sleepy ass.

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Celery makes your dick grow. So does lycopene, like the stuff found in fresh tomatoes, but go for Gac fruit instead.

the ****???? how do you sleep in like 10 seconds? well draw all over her face and write things like we are over you lazy bitch then leave oh and take some of her stuff

rexgar2000 10

I like your way of thinking. five stars indeed.

She might have had sleep apnea like my dad , who if he is in the mood to sleep can fall asleep in 30 seconds.

That's narcolepsy or just being tired. Sleep apnea is say different.

Erm, sleep apnea is having trouble breathing while you sleep. Maybe your dad has that, but it's not what you described.

You sir/madam are a true genius but you forgot you have to do it with a sharpie so that way it's perminate and she*ll have trouble getting the ink off.

RecklessJellyBea 7

Just leave and cut your losses. She'll figure it out eventually.

saIty 17

Slap her real hard while holding a stinky trash bag across her face. Then tell her to take out the trash, cause you're dumping her.

jus do her mom (if she's hot) she'll figure out...

Okay, I have two problems here. 1. Your comment is dumb and pointless and 2. I don't really like your name. You can't ask someone why they're gay. It's like a gay person asking a straight person why they're straight.

His name is pretty stupid and ignorant.. But that does seem to be the solution for everything

drawmesunshine 17

Oh, my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're gay.