By summinay - 12/11/2011 08:30 - United States

Today, I got married. About five minutes after I got my huge wedding dress on, I had to pee. It took three people to help me not pee on my dress, and my bridesmaids took pictures. FML
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summinay tells us more.

Guys, my dress wasn't elaborately big. It just has many layers. And yeah I've already laughed about it. Haha.

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Always pee before you put your dress on! Even if you think you don't have to go! Best advice I was given on my wedding day...

Atleast it wasn't a video?


Atleast it wasn't a video?

Someday you will look back and laugh at it, or atleast they will....

They should put them on Facebook.

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15: I agree. Terrible moments turn out to be hilarious when time goes on and you think of them.

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But you still got to pee, so that's what was important

At least it wasn't a shit?

I feel like all weddings go bad at one point. But congrats on getting married! True love is hard to find

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I bet you wish you just eloped, don't you?

This is what makes weddings fun, something always goes wrong.

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balls and bullocks that would suck sorry lass

That must be awkward xO

Pics or it didn't happen

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Awkward maybe but if they're her bridesmaids I'd hope they've already had this sort of bonding experience xD But in all seriousness, she will laugh at this one day and be glad there are pictures to help her remember it

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...Sounds like you had the time of your life.

Bakachu 7

I see that sarcasm is unwelcome here... >3>

Yep, it's strictly forbidden

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Alright then..let's try again. ...Sounds like you had the most awkward time of your life.

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*queue dance sequence with Patrick Swayze*

3, you do understand you have 15 thumb ups correct? But now you've just dug yourself into a deep dark hole..

Pictures or it wast real. Preferably sent to me :)

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Ah memories..

solution: break the camera

then she will be a party pooper and no one likes a party pooper

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Or solution: bridal diapers (they actually exist).

Or delete the pictures?

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@46 Reality stole my joke again...

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Another reason why I'm against flashy wedding spectacles.

Taking a piss is a flashy spectacle? Wow, you're not hard to impress.

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Lol true bridesmaids right there

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Sounds like the start of a porn film!

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A janitor walks in while mopping, "Oh sorry ma'am. Do you need help?" "That'd be great sir" the woman says seductively. Then whoevers watchig it skips to the sex.

You into that pissing fetish, eh 10?

Always pee before you put your dress on! Even if you think you don't have to go! Best advice I was given on my wedding day...

Nah, just pee on your dress. It's not like you're ever going to wear it again anyway.