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By  pinkwho  |  13

I call bullshit. The syncros won't let you do it and even if he was able, it but be a hurculean feat and would grind so much trying to go in that he (and you) would know something was wrong well before the vehicles actually would go into 1st.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

If a mistake like that caused so much damage, your car must have been ancient or super-crappy. Time to get a new one, even a new used one.

Get an automatic this time.

By  Garuda  |  1

They call this a money shift. For quite obvious reasons. Google it, you'll see it isn't uncommon. Definitely crappy for you.

And happens on high end sports cars as well as beaters...

By  Casstrodamus  |  4

That's why my boyfriend has been so apprehensive about teaching me to drive his stick shift car. We only just got another car that we can drive two weeks ago, and we couldn't afford to be without a car for any amount of time due to our jobs. If I had broken his car, we would have been screwed.