By Anonymous - 04/04/2014 19:02 - Canada - Markham

Today, I went to the store to buy a phone I saw last week. I looked around a little first, then continued to the electronics section. I couldn't find the phone I saw, so I went to leave. Halfway to the exit, I was detained by security and grilled for ages over my "suspicious behaviour". FML
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Not finding what you came in for: didn't you know that was an awful crime for business?

That's what happens when you have Rent-A-Cops


Not finding what you came in for: didn't you know that was an awful crime for business?

Are you implying that op was going to steal the phone once they found it?

No I was saying that he couldn't find what he came in for, and like most people would in that situation, he didn't go buy something he didn't need just to give the company business. It's wrong of the company to accuse him for stealing just because he didn't buy something

That's what happens when you have Rent-A-Cops

And ill-placed stereotypes. Baaad combination.

Everybody looks suspicious when they walk around at a store. Get in and get out don't waste time.

Yeah, don't take your time looking for what you want. That's a horrible thing to do and you're a horrible person if you do it. If you're not in and out of a store in ten seconds with your items then you're automatically a waste of space. Did I make it obvious enough that it's sarcasm or should I go on?

Maybe a mix of that and Op possibly being black

Oh you were using sarcasm!? I have never used it. people do hide some truth behind sarcasm.

Oh my, not buying something every time you go to a store! How very suspicious, an unAmerican!

actually ya it is a little suspicious if you don't buy anything in a store, but that doesn't mean they are doing something wrong every time

Did you know that Canada is actually in America? Because America is a continent, not a country. The United States of America is a country, not America. So this person was in no way wrong here.

Technically its North America. Not just America.

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46 does that mean all Canadians are Canadian American, and all Mexicans are Mexican American, hell what about in South America, then all of them could be considered Americans too? I'm kidding but what you said sure made me think a bit

To be fair that is a little suspicious, walk around the electronic section for a while then walk out with out paying? You have to look on both sides.

#6: Considering both perspectives is always a good idea, but in this case, the other side is still reprehensible. "Innocent until proven guilty" is the foundation of justice, but the store assumed the OP was guilty before proving it.

I've walked into Frys Electronics, looked around the game section, and left.

Sorry OP! Sue for harassment and get some cash $$$ :)

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Yeah, OP, so we can all be greedy little ******* who don't want to work for our money because a store made an honest mistake!

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People don't sue over stupid shit like that in Canada. (Or at least, it's pretty uncommon..)

There's making an honest mistake, and there's giving someone shit to try to cover up your embarrassment.

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Sorry for what? OP didn't do anything wrong.

People get suspicious when someone walks out the store without buying anything

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"Watch the cameras if you're that suspicious!" You should've told them. But not in a cocky way. That doesn't get a good response either.