By peallow - 12/05/2013 05:01 - Puerto Rico - San Juan

Today, I asked my father if he was proud that I have never done drugs, never drank alcohol, never had sex, never had psychological problems, never been to the hospital for something serious, never been in a fight and maintain good grades. He told me I was a boring daughter. FML
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ApollosMyth 22

Well, fishing for compliments never turns out as you hoped, does it?

Well you can rest easy knowing that the FML community are proud of you. Good work!


Kaurageous007 12

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It is definitely something to be proud of but surely if you'd had or currently had a physiological issue, as it's not something you have control of it's not something one can be proud of? Does that make sense? :/

Ya I'm kinda pissed about the psychological problems. Sure, be happy that oh don't have any, they're a pain in the ass but it's not something to be proud of as you don't have any say in it

Coeliacchic93 21

Exactly, ill admit I have plenty of psychological problems (depression, anxiety etc) but its not something I should be ashamed of just as someone without those problems should feel 'proud' they don't have them. If anything they should feel lucky not to have them, I know I would.

What if he was joking.... Probably not...

death943 10

Not to be a downer, but aren't these achievements something you are SUPPOSED to do.. I am just saying.

I agree, 79. YDI, OP. You were just looking for compliments.

Oh screw it and go out and have fun OP! Enjoy life to the fullest!

BlockOfRedStone 25

It's also not shameful to have been to the hospital for something serious, because that wouldn't be in your control either. Not unless you were at the hospital for starting a fight or something.

Well you can rest easy knowing that the FML community are proud of you. Good work!

bombroot 9

Damn ... I wasn't expecting the dad to tell something like that to you...

Well, that's gratiture for you. In a world where you'd be considered a roll model you're called boring. Why do most people's families suck ob here though? seriously

especially when those hot steamy rolls are shimmering in butter, gracefully showing their delectable curves.

And boom goes the typo

ApollosMyth 22

Well, fishing for compliments never turns out as you hoped, does it?

Ah... this is the response I came here to give...

JustStella 28

Exactly. I bet the only reason he said that was to get her to shut up.

The grass always looks greener on the other side. :P if you were a partying dropout hoe he'd wish you were straight edge.

She doesn't know about "grass" or "green" she doesn't smoke weed.

Ypetrol 11

Lol that's funny

Not even remotely!

That's the truth. Pretty boring

Dont worry, every other parent in America would die to have you as their child!

Forget just America, any other parent in the world!

summerguy97 16

Well, I can see the good grades things, but some other nations (like Japan) would be neutral about the sex thing...or at least part of Japan. I guess it just depends on how the parents see sex...

sumbum95 15

Don't worry my parents think the same way about me. It's not a bad thing just be who you are :)

crackmore278 13

Why is being a partying troublemaker considered fun?

just because someone parties doesn't mean they're a trouble maker