By peallow - Puerto Rico - San Juan


Today, I asked my father if he was proud that I have never done drugs, never drank alcohol, never had sex, never had psychological problems, never been to the hospital for something serious, never been in a fight and maintain good grades. He told me I was a boring daughter. FML
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  emilyjgraham  |  34

It is definitely something to be proud of but surely if you'd had or currently had a physiological issue, as it's not something you have control of it's not something one can be proud of? Does that make sense? :/

  negb  |  30

Ya I'm kinda pissed about the psychological problems. Sure, be happy that oh don't have any, they're a pain in the ass but it's not something to be proud of as you don't have any say in it

  Coeliacchic93  |  21

Exactly, ill admit I have plenty of psychological problems (depression, anxiety etc) but its not something I should be ashamed of just as someone without those problems should feel 'proud' they don't have them.
If anything they should feel lucky not to have them, I know I would.


It's also not shameful to have been to the hospital for something serious, because that wouldn't be in your control either. Not unless you were at the hospital for starting a fight or something.

  summerguy97  |  16

Well, I can see the good grades things, but some other nations (like Japan) would be neutral about the sex thing...or at least part of Japan. I guess it just depends on how the parents see sex...