By Anonymous - 30/11/2014 04:44 - United States - Mahwah

Today, I bought a Santa hat. After wearing the hat for a few hours, I noticed a strange lump near the tip of it. I stuck my hand inside to dig out the mysterious object. It was a dead cockroach. FML
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colton_colton 49

Well time to burn that hat

Well you got a present


colton_colton 49

Well time to burn that hat

I HATE cockroaches with a passion. Merry Christmas, nope nope nope.

incoherentrmblr 21

Time to burn the hat, shave your head and wash with T-Gel, and report that store to the Department of Health...

Well you got a present

That's Santa's new way of telling people they have been naughty. Even Santa is on a budget; he can't afford coal to give out anymore.

It's not really a budget, it's just a way of going green

Aww gross. What store did you get it from!? Go and return it now. I'm sorry that happened to you OP.

I learnt that even nicer stores can have bug problems. I once tried on a jacket at Macy's and there was a giant moth hiding in its sleeves when I put my arm through. And I've heard stories that some women have gotten parasites infesting in their breast from not washing their new bras. Blah

22, parasites need a living host to survive. I've heard of that myth, it was confirmed to be fake.

Don't thumb down 36, she is right. The pictures of maggots infesting a woman's breasts are crap lies. It's all photoshopped.

I was eating when I read this...

You should never eat and read FMLs simultaneously unless you want to regurgitate it.

I always eat when I read FMLs. The food tastes better going down the second time.

at least it wasn't a live cockroach?

Ah, there's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a little surprise from Santa.

Om the bright side, a live coackroach would have been worse.

Oh god, that's not the kind of thing I would expect from a new hat.

He probably went peepee on your hair.

I didn't know children were allowed on this site?

Are you 10?

#47 and #52 no according to her profile she's "the coolest mom you'll ever meet" side note: profile picture...

That probably.. bugged you

At that point it's not rlly worth it lets be real