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Your neighbors must be barking mad.

They're barking up the wrong tree.


Your neighbors must be barking mad.

I can't get my head around how your cough sounded like an animal being abused???

Perhaps it sounds like a dog in immense pain?

I cant figure out how they know what "torturing an animal" sounds like. By the way...I think you might have croup - hoarse barking cough

#2- There's a virus called Croup, which makes a person's cough sound similar to a seal's bark.

it depends on your cough. After coughing a while some people get higher pitched and raspy. If you didn't see where the noise came from, an abused animal could be the noise source

What did the police do?

'Alright move along, nothing to do here'

Please everyone stand behind the tape

Well, at least you know your neighbors are sensitive towards animal abuse! That's good people to have around! Even with such bad identifying abitities...

They're barking up the wrong tree.

They must be like "who let the dogs out who who ×3"

No. Just no.

For some reason, the 'x3' made me laugh. Like, you were too lazy to write it 3 times, so fuck it, let's let other people do the work.

Haha! C'mon...thats funny! I laughed out loud!

I hate being sick get better

You should probably get that checked out of it sounds that bad. Hope you feel better.

If* excuse me.

The police must have been really confused. They came looking for someone abusing an animal and all they found was you sicker than a dog.

Sounds miserable. Your neighbors kind of suck they didn't come see if you were okay before calling the cops.

OP's neighbors didn't know that he was sick?