By disheshateme - 18/11/2009 07:03 - United States

Today, it was my turn to do the suite's dishes. I was in the process of drying my roommate's coffee mug when the handle suddenly snapped off and the sharp edge left on the mug scraped down my arm. I now have a 3-inch long gash in my arm. I was attacked by a cheap coffee mug. FML
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Oh, look how you have failed! This is the best comment I've seen where someone gets their comment number wrong.


no you weren't, you were attacked by a pack of wolves in an atempt to save a class of kindergardeners *wink* *wink*

it must have been in leauge with the stained wine glass

Oh, look how you have failed! This is the best comment I've seen where someone gets their comment number wrong.

Lol they get it wrong on purpose so you and other people give them attention, trust me i should know from expierience Your so retarded you dont realise your own mistakes Now go to bed O and back to the FML Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha WIN+5

Her so retarded? That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call irony.

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Talk about're the one who can't use the reply option correctly, #2.

This does suck and all, but I don't think it belongs on this site. You got hurt. So what? Everyone gets hurt every once in a while. Some more than others...

Why did this comment get moderated? It is the truth. The OP hurt himself. So what. Everyone does it. Morons.

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Who fricken cares. Your life is not ****** by this. You just have to deal with a cut. Big ******* deal.

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At least now you have a valid reason to *not* do dishes anymore... how many people can say they've been attacked by them?

Why do people just keep flooding this site with stupid parts of their day? Honestly, who the **** cares? you got a little baby cut you little pussy.

Uhm? Last time I checked, a three inch long gash down your arm is pretty bad. This means its long and deep people. The OP could've sliced open a vein. OP FYL. Have fun dealing with that one!!!

Please,. OP prob exaggerated for FML purposes. I highly doubt it left a 'gash' unless there was applied force.

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oh please, you DO NOT have a ******* gash, you have a small scrape

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Precisely! Suck it up, cupcake! This is so pathetic it should be on MLIA.

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Do you know? Were you there?

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Speaking as the coffee mug's lawyer, he (Mr. Mug), was acting in self-defense. He thought you were trying to molest him.

"Trying"? She lubed up a sponge or washcloth with soap and forced it into his hole trying to "clean" it...