By RuasaLove / Thursday 30 July 2015 02:34 / United States - Pleasantville
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  Corey122726  |  17

I don't know about you, but I've never tried to be sexy for any man in my life time. Nor would I have ever stuck my ass out for another man who is trying to discreetly look at it. So no sir, we have not all been there or done that in our lives.

  pjsr  |  31

What's wrong with trying to be sexy for someone you're in a relationship with? Or looking at the ass of someone you're in a relationship with? Try being a little playful #13, your significant other might actually like it.

  boating_guy  |  33

13 is just making a play on words cause he's a dude and would like to emphasize his masculinity by making it clear he is straight as an arrow.

If he was a woman, that would be a different story...and it would be supremely shitty to be her SO

  IDerive  |  12

I like how in your profile you state that you hate when people give advice on FML and then you give advice on FML... You keep cantankerous old goats like me confused

  pjsr  |  31

Maybe I should have clarified, 'giving advice to the OP'. In this case, that would be saying something like, 'just pretend you meant to do it and continue your laundry', as if the OP is bent over waiting for someone to tell her what to do.

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