By Anonymous - United States
Today, my family invited a bunch of their friends over for a party. At some point they decided to play some home videos from many years ago. In one of them, I was 7, I said, "Look Mommy! I can make my pee-pee bigger by doing this!" Everyone saw and laughed. FML
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  genius_man16  |  0

You can totally get erections that young. The deal is that when you are that young you don't understand what's happening so you don't really think about it. Hence why most people don't remember getting them that young. Unless they have embarrassing family video tapes :P

By  mobius8  |  0

Take legal action. Some mothers were arrested recently for videoing their kids having a pillow fight in their underwear and putting it on their blogs, so I think you'd have a good case.

  Vermelle  |  0

That wouldn't apply in this case, sorry. There's a difference between viewing home videos in the privacy of your own home with family or friends and posting them on the internet where anyone can see them.

  mobius8  |  0

I think the main difference is that they were aware of the video because it was on the internet actually. I think you could get into just as much trouble for having the video if someone brought attention to it.

By  BLNovelist  |  0

I would seriously have a serious sitdown with your mother. There is showing embarrassing videos (IE taking a bath, falling off the bike, gushing about wanting to marry you cousin...ahem.) but then there is that - something that is obviously going beyond embarrassing into inappropriate. Why would she video tape that anyway?