By owl + bungee cord - 07/01/2014 20:38 - United States - Herndon

Today, my boyfriend and I were in the shower and things were getting heated. I tried to move position, but slipped and fell, bringing the shower curtain I'd grabbed onto down with me along its support rod. My ass hit the floor just as hard as the rod hit my head. FML
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alan2kai13 3

You could've just turned the temperature down

Cause of accident - lack of adhesive ducks.


alan2kai13 3

You could've just turned the temperature down

Are you dumb? Or was this a joke?

alan2kai13 3

It's called a play on words. Overuse of 'things got heated' when referring to sex has led to shit puns to make me feel better

O.P. just got a little butt hurt over it..

olpally 32

Smooth move op. Haha wow. That sounds like you're an contortionist with that crazy ass fall.

*a contortionist

olpally 32

Waste of a comment there.^ How about adding something to your comment other then correcting mine. This is why I hate grammar Nazis.^

Rather than* ;) I'm just joshin' ya.

Bit uptight there, olpally.

Woah, someone's on the rag...

Why do people call some who corrects one's spelling a grammar Nazi when, in fact, they are a spelling Gestapo.

mmyoung979 14

...Was it a soft landing

No, hence the FML

mmyoung979 14

It's a joke about the size of her ass. I'm sorry if no one else got that.

Well that brought down the mood

AnOriginalName 19

And the curtains.

Look on the bright side! Luckily the butt hit the ground, not your head (even if it did hit the rod) or other less cushioning body parts.

Op probably had her head hit two rods. *hinthint*

Cause of accident - lack of adhesive ducks.

Is it sad that when I read this, I started reciting the entire scene in my head?

I'm probably the only one who knows that that is from the Big Bang theory! Hahahahaha

NodakN8V 25

#7 beat me to it.... Adhesive ducks.

NodakN8V 25

#7 beat me to it... Adhesive ducks

maybe you should invest in a shower mat for future shower sex

LizetteBerenice 22


fromstumbling 8

See, it's FMLs like these that make me never want to engage in any type of sexual activity in the bathroom.

But it can be so much fun if done safely. Lol.

your username goes with your comment beautifully, #11.

You just have to be careful. It can be very fun. Glass shower doors come in handy.

StillUsesMyspace 22

They really glossed over the dangers of sex in health class huh, no one even mentioned the large possibility of metal rods hitting ones head due to unsafe sex