By RainCl0ud - 27/08/2011 06:08 - United States

Today, my boyfriend thought it would be sexy if he bit me on the lips. Normally, I would have enjoyed it, if the lips in question were the ones on my face. FML
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OP here. This man is my husband now, and all these years later, he still tries to bite me every now and then. It doesn't happen often enough for me to discuss it with him and I don't want to embarrass him when it does happen. It doesn't hurt but I just don't enjoy it.

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Midrash 5

Maybe he wanted to try something he saw on twilight


it's not disgusting, it just sounds a bit painful.... like I dont think most guys would want their penis bit.

Steven696 6

31- eh lightly or playfully is alright, just sucks when that person gets to into it and forgets how sensitive people are down there, then the pain begins

If he bites your lower lips, bite his lower head

luvvs_theatre132 0

Ok, well I LOVE being bit there...


Because it's funny lol

I fail to see how this would be funny for either..

Would it be funny if your gf bite your dick tip :/?

Is it bad that I have a mental imagery of OP's boyfriend saying "omnomnomnom" while doing this?

oops_im_fucked 8

At least he didn't bite the lower lips and tear away...

h00l1gan 5

Maybe he just nibbled on it? My ex used to really dig that and made me bite her through her pantys

That fml just made me do the stupid face all men do whenever we hear some guy got kicked in the nuts real hard Seriously girls on fml, do some of you like that?

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How has 11 not been buried with over -50?


It's my opinion and yea it would hurt but it's funny to the readers

cudi504 4

Maybe he was hoping you would get turned on by pain? Some people are into that yakno

tylersign 11

K, I know the picture isn't you. But what the ****

tmmundy 17

just ignore the picture. thats what's he's trying to do. to see how many comments he gets about the stupid picture. actually he's making fun a the white boy.

Dude, I'm into that, but if my girlfriend bit those lips, I would kick her. That shut hurts!!!

tylersign 11

3, you deleted your picture. What wrong whichu!? It was hilarious.

I pronounced that yack-no over five times before I got that

Midrash 5

Maybe he wanted to try something he saw on twilight

a vampire loves his woman all month long.. ;)

Yeah, a period doesn't last a whole month, dipshit.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

12 is saying that the loving doesn't stop for the period. Therefore he loves her all month long, INCLUDING aunt Flow.

fools look foolish trying to make others look like fools.

KiddNYC1O 20

60- That should be the slogan for this site, except a little more explicit lol. I love it when fools fail in such way.

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h00l1gan 5

60-I pity the fool who tries to make other fools seem foolish even though they are not fools

borkchop1992 15

he was eating out let him have his fun

leadman1989 15

Didn't his mother ever tell him not to play with his food?

yomommma 6

Some people are into that sorta thang.

perdix 29

Someone's been watching too much ****. The sad part is that they don't give you instructions on how much pressure to apply to get the best results.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

Does that make **** like Ikea instructions? It shows you pictures but doesn't tell you how to do it, resulting in a massive **** up. Seen here.

I was the 69th person to thumbs you up (;

******* Ikea. When the guy who started that company dies, I so hope that his family and friends arrive at the funeral to find a flat pack coffin that they have to assemble before the ceremony can commence.

no it's not. chicks don't breathe from their flaps

Sorry, I misunderstood the FML. But yes, OP, that must suck. Definitely FYL.

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What did you think she ment?