By what did I do? - 25/10/2013 11:54 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my ex boyfriend got into a physical fight with the guy I've been casually seeing for 9 months. Afterwards, they had a beer, a long chat, and decided this was my fault and I wasn't worth the drama. FML
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A fight and a beer... that's some great male bonding right there.


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Murilirum 23

Definitely guy thinking right there. Makes me so proud :p

How do you "casually date someone" for 9 whole months

tjv3 10

Oops sorry I misread that sorry OP

This actually reminds me of the opening scene in the last Saw movie. The one with the cheating girl and her two boyfriends and they have to kill each other but in the end they realize she's a bitch and let her get cut open. Does someone see how I connected the two? :/

CrazyGirlfriend 21

75, OP said casually seeing not dating. meaning they probably had a few dates but nothing was official. it is quite often with today's society.

Were you just awkwardly sitting across the room while they gossiped about you?

perdix 29

Maybe you turned two guys gay in the same day. One of the worst days in heterosexuality since the Kathy Bates sex tape went viral.

People can't just turn gay. Either they are or they aren't.

#12: It's possible to change orientations.

Thank you Perdix. I could have gone my whole life without hearing the words *shudder* Kathy Bates sex tape. *gag*

#12 - I think they can. I know a friend who started gradually turning gay. they started bisexual, and then started to not like the opposite sex because of how much they got hurt by them.

That sex tape is called "Misery". You'll find it under the "hobbling". category. Got wood? You'll make her scream "God, I love you!"

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Usually after a fist fight you realize how dumb it really was. And in some cases you actually have respect for the guy you were just punching. It's very strange, but sometimes good things do happen after a round of fisticuffs. I'm sure you didn't do anything wrong, OP.

Gingerette 8

I'm not saying I'm a bruiser or anything, but most people I get into... Altercations with usually become some of my bester friends.

Chaith 16

A pretty insulting way for two guys to acknowledge that they are indeed, complete clowns. Haha.

you obviously don't live in Australia.

You know, maybe you did something. Confront them about what you did wrong, if any, for future relationships so you won't make the same mistake. IF you did do something wrong according to them.

hahaha....if it was a situation where girls fought for a would've turned really nasty!

chunks of hair and 20,000 personal insults later, women can be spiteful until the day we die.

So unfortunately true. Women can be astonishingly competitive and underhanded. A girl who can box and move on would be so much easier to trust.

ninjuh_wingman 29

That's how a bromance works. Nothing breaks it up.