By ohshootgirl - 04/10/2010 02:06 - United States

Today, I was coming out of my work and a group of guys yelled, "Oh shoot girl!" and I blew them a kiss jokingly, then as I walked down the street, cars were honking at me, guys whistling. When I got home I noticed the foot long rip down my pencil skirt. FML
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SirWhatsHisFace 0

OP you shouldn't wear skirts made of pencils, you could stab your thighs. :o

FYLDeep 25

I bet you looked sharp in that pencil skirt.


YDI for feeling good. That'll show you. Should have been obvious when people were honking.

MissErikaHart 0

who would say "oh shoot girl" anyway? before you found out about the rip you seemed to b enjoying the attention so u ydi

ThiszMexicanLove 0

^^^ I agree.! @OP, they could have been honking at you thinking you were a cheap homelesz stripper for all you know, slutty *****.!

Ali_Br_fml 33

You blew them a kiss? Wow... Smh

FFML_314 11

Who would say "b" instead of "be" ? Moron.

xesyeso 0

***** (:

BahahahLOL 0

wow, adding that smiley face really changed my thoughts on the word before it.

Sexywifey91 0

how would she be a cheap homeless stripper... do you even know how much strippers make on a daily basis apparently you are ignorant so just shut up...

you would know cause you are one^^

can people stop misusing the words ***** and ****? Seriously. Whores and ***** are girls who have sex with many men. There is nothing about her having sex in this fml.

what does smh mean?

Sexywifey91 0

smh=shaking my head ya it's the stupidest thing ever.. and really annoying

MissErikaHart 0

first of all ***** and ****** r two different things. ****** get paid. ***** don't. and secondly, I say "b" instead of "be" cuz I b me.

Well u b a moron.

MissErikaHart 0

mayb so but whether I am or not it's irrelevant. I been blessed with a great life, lots of money, and a very well behaved son. I'll b a moron all day for the life I live and what's in it. ur life probably hella sucks.

Looks like someone's pulling the "My life is better than yours, so your argument is invalid" card.

theian01 3

90 *bn not been. you us way too many e's. spcally with th conomy th way it is. /badjoke

zerobahamut03 2

Lol sucks for you. Hate it when I get foot long rips in my pencil skirts...

How much of that money do you have to give to your pimp misserica? Or do you just give him all of it and he gives you an allowance?

hahaha I love this thread

MissErikaHart 0

we aint pimpin n hoein over here. dont need to. my moneys too long for me to have to do anything but relax, take vacations, go shopping, and chill all day smokin weed.

ooh so drug dealin. got it

Erika - Just because your life's average doesn't make mine shitty. Sorry, my life is awesome. I'm more than happy with it. But, I'm not going to brag about it and tell you every little detail that's so awesome. I like whoever made the comment, "Looks like someone's pulling the "My life is better than yours, so your argument is invalid" card." I totally agree with this statement. Smoking weed all day? What a life. Yeah, yours is totally better than mine.

kidwiththehair12 0

62 ugly strippers don't make much

SoCalHunn 0

misserika how the **** are you going to be smoking weed when you have a son. wat a rolemodel.. your seriously ridiculous

wolfshadow 4

My parents have been smoking weed since the day I was born. I however, have never touched a blunt or a cigarrete.

pureecstasy 5

88 Win nuff said

cuzz weed is ******* awesome coming from a straight a student... and for the asshole about to make a comment on my spelling or lack of capitalization and punctuation to look cool, I'm using an iPod so **** off.

123 - it's funny you think getting straight A's in school is comparable to raising a kid

sk8rchick97 0

this was posted on my birthdayXD

saliat 0

Meaning u r a stripper?

Well what if she didnt feel good, and was one of those girls that rolled their eyes at this stuff? I say if your gonna fail, do it in style :)

fernandita91 0

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paid2think 0


hairt 4

1 + 2 = 3 = you

BahahahLOL 0


Kill yourself

Damn, ****! Bahaha. I feel for you. These kinds of clothing slips are the worst!

SirWhatsHisFace 0

OP you shouldn't wear skirts made of pencils, you could stab your thighs. :o

blo0_starZz 0

That happened to me once! D': My mommy wanted me to be emo :c But they taste good :3 CHOCOLATE MILK :D

Dafuq did i just read?

You sir. I like that comment. :)

FYLDeep 25

I bet you looked sharp in that pencil skirt.

Schizomaniac 24

I'll bet she did, but she probably wishes she could erase this from her memory.

I love these puns! Great work everyone! Just to break the chain now before it becomes too awesome for the crowd. I love ruining strangers witty remarks. -Fluffy McTiger

Darn it. How juvenile of me. Strangers'* My apologies. -Fluffy McTiger

31 why do u always post a signature? Wouldn't it have been easier to make "fluffy mctiger" your user name? -EffinAhole

It would have, but I didn't come up with that at the time. Besides, I'm trying to make my name known. v<<< Just to keep bugging people. -Fluffy McTiger

Pun level: Rage Gaming

that's... embarrassing

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Every five minutes? Are we girls still allowed to have a relaxed life?

Not if you're her or wear tight skirts made out of flimsy material that will rip at any given moment. :D Stick to natural, comfy style. I do it and I always look amazing. Jk, so cocky of me. -Fluffy McTiger

fluffy mctiger is alwayz awsom! please correct my grammar, it makes me feel good that u care about doing it!

Okay! :D 'Fluffy McTiger is always awesome!'  I so care. -Fluffy McTiger

goodie! -Morgan, thats me!

Fluffy McTiger is pretty damn cute!

Shookitup 0

So I'm guessing you've never been complimented before? Since nobody actually normal has ever thought "Oh shoot girl" was a compliment

Biancaisbizarre 0

That actually is a compliment in New York. :-p

Shookitup 0

Haha really?? That's so different than in Cali :P

That is NOT a compliment anywhere.

deformedsurf 0

It's as much a compliment as a guy saying "I'd sop that up with a biscuit"

Peacemaker9 7

agreed with 70

Really, guys? You don't take "Oh, damn girl!" as a compliment? What OP's... uh... "friend" said, was a variation of that.

fernandita91 0

op should drawn in the bare spot w one of the pencils

mckibabe 7

BOOM! Bye bye ducky

anoellem 1

This isn't even funny...

Shouldn't you have felt a nice refreshing breeze "down there" and noticed your skirt was ripped?

JillianlikesVogu 0

She could have been wearing Spanx, a lot of fat girls do that nowadays.

ummm it's a little presumptuous to assume she's a) a fatty, b) wearing spanx, and c) that only big girls need them. a lot of people in the states wear them, including celebs. how rude of you!

i don't beleive she called her fat... She was offering a suggestion of why OP may not have "felt a breeze". I think you're going around trying to find things that maybe possibly could kinda be an insult and having a fit over them.

and now I see that she did indeed use the word fat. My bad. You're still getting too worked up though

Proudmary 2

depends. If it's a long skirt(a foot-long rip requires a long skirt I guess) the breeze would be pretty low, and unnnoticeable. Unless there was wind or it was really chilly outside there would be no breeze to feel regardless of length. Also, warm tights would prevent the breeze anyway. And, if it's a short skirt, there would be a breeze anyway. Or it could be a double-layered skirt, so even though the rip would be visible OP would feel the inner layer as usual.

super random... aren't you doing the same thing?