By Anonymous - 06/02/2016 01:34 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, I was clipping my abnormally thick toenails. I had to apply so much pressure on the clippers that a nail flew off, hit me in the eyeball and scratched my cornea. The doctor nearly fell off his chair laughing during my eye exam after I told him what happened. FML
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I was going to suggest this as well because I have think nails. I always soak them before trimming them. Filing works really good as well

andrmac 25

Mine don't cut without showering 1st.

Pull a dumb and dumber and break out the grinder bud.

You uncultured swine, dumb and dumber is one of the best movies of all time!!! How dare you thumb down my reference. Lol

deathstroke990 22

"you uncultured swine dumb and dumber is one of the best movies of all time!!!" a sentence I never thought I'd see

M3DO 24

It's the Internet. You'll read a lot worse sentences.

Something like "Biodome is the best movie of all time"?

Oh god, Biodome, I forgot that existed. Wish I had never seen it.

Ouch o_o hope your eye is okay.. I would make a pun but I feel this isn't the best situation to haha

If you wanted the pun; I think you should have kept a better eye out while clipping ;)

Eye did not see that coming is what OP must have thought... I'll see myself out

added to my favorites, this is hilarious!!

All jokes aside, that actually sounds pretty painful

Eye think your toenails are trying to blind you