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Today, I accidentally ran my thumb down the cheese grater while preparing lunch beside my wife. I instantly jerked my hand away from the grater just in time run my forearm across the knife she was using. I now have 20 stitches and 5 staples in my arm, no lunch, and a puking wife. FML
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this is a classic fml. that really sucks. and who the **** votes YDI on this?


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i think you should shut the **** up. i didnt ask if anyone cared if i was first. i care that i was first and you probably would have done the same thing if you were first ********.

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ouchhh. this is most definitely a fyl

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I think #17 is jealous because she wasn't first to comment.

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I think #52 thinks I'm bitchy because he has a 2 inch penis.

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I think that screwtaylor is a **** that needs to go work the poles and get off this website...and that 55 was very clever with what he said haha. :]

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I'm glad that you're getting all hardcore with the keyboard #67. I love how you think I'm a **** when you don't know me. You've only seen the comments I've written. Just to let you know, I'm a virgin. Go look up what a **** is in the dictionary, idiot. Also, at least I have the guts to post a picture of myself up. What are you? 12?

Just because you put a picture of yourself up on the internet doesn't make you tough. There are lots of strippers and prostitutes that put their pictures up on the internet too.

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I never tried to make it seem like I was tough for having my picture up. Also that's very good for the strippers that have their pictures up. Did you know normal people put their pictures up? No.. only strippers who want to **** everybody put their picture up? You guys are seriously so annoying.. What the **** did I do to get bashed? If you don't like my comments DON'T ******* READ THEM. It's as simple as that.

wow, screwtaylor, im prettymuch on your side, but cmon now, you got trolled HARDCORE. why do you care what people say to you on the internet? like you said if you dont like their comments DONT READ THEM

I think screwtaylor won this argument.

maybe, how can you tell? well congratulations what are you gonna do now that youve won?

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umm just wondering...what is it about saying first pisses ppl off? I mean what's the harm in it? personally if I ever got a first comment I would love to say first, not to piss ppl off but because I just want to. mabie the person writing first isn't doing so to rub it in (even though there really isn't anything to rub in), but they are doing so because...I don't knk they think it's fun. in other words, people should give those who say first a break

It's because posting 'first' is a waste of everyone's time, and just takes up space. It means the person posting wasn't clever enough to come up with an actual response to add to the conversation, but wanted to get noted anyway. Everyone knows you're first REGARDLESS if they say so or not. And no, I doubt that everyone who tumbs down or complains is doing so because they're jealous. I've been first on at least 30 FMLs, and, personally, I'd rather say something witty then say a freaking number. If you'd rather get noticed for wasting time then saying something intelligent or funny, go ahead. But don't be surprised when others don't like it.

dude no way i was messaging her earlier she is such a hobag

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I get where your comming from, but I think that anyone can say what they want, even of it is a number, and people who don't like it can state that they don't but mabie in a nicer way you know? now u see if it were me who got the first comment, I would also say something regaurding the matter at hand rather than just first. I know people get annoyed because it's irrelevent to the FML but if they let it go instead of having mean remarks, an entire scene can be avoided no? (that is unless they want a bunch of drama)

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Hey screwtaylor, you're a dunce, and you're hurting the chance for enlightenment Oaklandfanatic thinks you're an idiotic teenager who doesn't have an ounce of intelligent in her to realize she is an insufferable child.

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You are my new idol. You are just so blunt and straightforward! And your witty comments are awesome. :)


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YDI for being too cheap to buy real cheese

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Yeah you have to grate good cheese. I'm pretty sure you are thinking of cheap cheese, which though it is real cheese can often be confused with synthetic cheese which would be fake cheese.

Sometimes you want to grate cheese for use in things where grated cheese just works better.

this is a classic fml. that really sucks. and who the **** votes YDI on this?

Accidental finger clicks on the mobile app :(

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I accidentally vote YDI sometimes because I use mobile and miss click. My best assumption for people voting this was the OP should have been more careful where their thumb was so the chain of events never happened.

hey but the bright side is you didn't grate your finger !