By loner - 14/11/2014 23:12 - United States - Madison

Today, I noticed that I get more calls from people who've dialed the wrong number than I do from people I actually know. FML
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Be proactive. A phone works both ways OP.

She just wasn't the right girl for you, Oops sorry Wrong FML


Be proactive. A phone works both ways OP.

agreed. if op wants to get called you fitst need to get out and get some friends.

"fitst" Is not a word

^ Grammar Nazi detected.

She just wasn't the right girl for you, Oops sorry Wrong FML

Why did you leave the comment after you realised it was the wrong one...?

what you have done ..there is no Ctrl Z least from FML perspective...

because op gets wrong phone calls... #2 was commenting the wrong Fml. 1+1= 2 complicated 4 you

Damn, that was actually pretty clever now

You have to be more social, go out and have a good time with your friends and family. They'll always call you after to go out or talk. Two way road my friend, but baby steps right?

You can call people too.

People text more nowadays anyway... You can always initiate something with someone you know.

Maybe call more people and they'll return by calling you more? Or texting if you don't like calls. It sucks to feel like no one wants to talk but if you're more active about it things will change :)

Well you could always call people yourself. They might call you more often if you call first.

All that I get are those crappy PPI calls.

How many people use the phone for conversation these days? Confirming doctors appointments, annoying telemarketing or political polls, ordering take out... But even that has an online option often, so... My point is, phones as we know them aren't a prime tool of communication anymore. Don't feel bad.

I don't usually get texts, but when I do they begin with : Dear customer