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Today, I was chosen out of 64 women to model for the catalog of a new clothing store. Just when my self-confidence took a dramatic boost, I looked at the evaluation sheet. I was picked due to attributes such as my "extra large figure and average face" to make below average women feel beautiful. FML
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It sometimes makes me sad that anything above a size 6 is considered "plus size" in the modeling world. And I highly doubt that you're ugly, OP (as your name suggests). The modeling world (and society) can really be very cruel. So sorry! :(

Beats being picked cause of anorexic figure


hey at least you will boost other women's self-confidence..

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hey atleast they picked you out of all the other ugly people :P

11-she coulda spelled it wrong and meant to say phat store. where the old ppl shop in the hopes that their cool

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Yesss i moderated this one lmao Accomplishment in life check

Comment motherfucking moderated bitches.

I think OP should eat a can of unicorn shit, then she'll look all pretty.

I do some modelingin my spare time... and it's not for your reason either. I'm just that freaking sexy ;]

67 I'm sorry, but I think I'll have nightmares of you eating me tonight...

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Wow Sarah48 I just thought I'd let you know that you are beautiful. have a good day :)

hey! at least you're average OP! Your life is average!!! ;D

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I don't believe this is that bad. Beauty is irrelevant. Every female on this earth is beautiful to some guy, and vice-versa for guys as well. You may be considered "average" among the people who think super models are normal and that what you see on television is how you're supposed to look, but keep in mind that some guy out there thinks you are the most amazing thing he's ever seen. :)

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87 gingers unite we will dominate the world

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5 is right stop being so conceited and think of others

67 obviously you don't write in your spare time, though.

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congrats at least you got the job

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So, if I understand you correctly OP, you are whining because you were selected? You are half right, something is ****** up, but it's your brain, not your life.

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94, obviously you don't have fun in your spare time.

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Calm down chaos haha. I wasn't making an "argument". I was simply saying she obviously feels bad about her looks now, and I was trying to say that no matter how ugly you think you are, or that some people say you are, somebody will think you are beautiful. My "argument" didn't pertain to the FML directly, but more or less what she may be feeling now. Calm down a little bit ha. I didn't mean to offend you if, in some way, I did. Oh and #87> YES haha

Hmm, sounds to me, _Vamp_, like you are trying to convince the OP she is beuatiful so she will trust you, so you may steal her soul for yourself.

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I meant to say "I wasn't trying to start an argument", not "I wasn't making an argument" haha. I see why you were confused, because I just realized how stupid that sounded, but do you see my POINT(haha) a little better now that I've explained a bit more? I do kind of see why you initially bashed me, because my point wasn't clear enough, but damn these iPhone buttons' control over my patience haha Oh, TheOptomist, you might be somewhat, a little bit, slightly, completely correct on your observation, although I've never seen OP ;)

awful? she got the job be happy... danm modles

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o.o you seem sad, did he beat ya to it =p?

94, obviously you don't learn the difference between a typ and actual bad grammar in your spare time. 

Hehe, it's much easier to rate all the comments down than actually read them. Plus you write huge paragraphs of crap filled with too many grammar mishaps that I can't be assed to read through. I mean, herr derr here's a long comment so my opinion is important now.

Lulz. I like you both, guys, so don't get all butthurt at me for saying this: The rivalry between Freeze and organisedchaos lately reads like so much angsty, grammar-fueled sexual tension. Hot. :P

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109, chaos, please shut the **** up, you are trying to make your arguemet sound like something huge, you are very pointless and you just sound like a complete nerd.

_Vamp_ You may not have ever seen the OP, but a soul is a soul, right? ;p

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I guess you're right! Haha Omnomnom souls :)

It sometimes makes me sad that anything above a size 6 is considered "plus size" in the modeling world. And I highly doubt that you're ugly, OP (as your name suggests). The modeling world (and society) can really be very cruel. So sorry! :(

I'm size 6 or sometimes 5 or 7 depends on the jeans , My friend is a size 2 and says she's fat oh god people these days

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Right, but it's not exactly a secret that the modeling world is cruel and superficial, right? Modeling is a job where you need a lot of self-confidence to handle rejection and not take it personally. It is not a therapy session. So OP, as much as I sympathize: YDI.

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Not to Make this worse or anthing but i do moddelling and anything above size 3 is plus size but i agree its stupid

#107: quit fishing for compliments ur wicked skinny

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#114 people could weigh that much and most of it be muscle and some fat, and be a size 8-10. that doesn't mean they "let themselves go" not all people are built to be a size 6, even at their healthiest thin, they could weigh 150 and be a size 7 or 8. just throwing that out there.

Beats being picked cause of anorexic figure

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You're not ugly, you're average-looking. That's a subjective opinion and it's hard to really tell how others perceive you looks. But, the "extra large figure" is a stone-cold fact that you can determine from looking at a scale. When you can't read the numbers over your saggy, baggy belly, there is no longer a controversy -- you are fat! Look on the bright side, you pwned 63 other women in mediocrity.

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Isn't any opinion subjective?

perdix 29

No. There are professional opinions that are supposed to be based on facts. When expert witnesses are called to testify, they need to back up their opinions with something more than their subjective whim.

No, ALL opinions r subjective. An opinion may be fact-based & logical, or totally based on the person's whim & illogical, but any time it's an opinion it means the person has injected some conjecture...experts often disagree in their interpretation of facts. If facts lead to a single objective conclusion it is deduction not opinion. Like, if a person is dead after ingesting poison, the deduction is poison is the cause of death. But, experts may differ in their opinion whether it was murder or suicide based on their subjective analysis of the facts.

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Make that money. At least u got a job hell. didn't you know what the casting call was looking for in the first place?

u should feel good abt urself, ur ugliness is helping the world

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I did fetish modeling for corsets that required no nudity. as a plus size female I love that I'm not below the 145 mark. I wouldn't want bones over meat. most men do like a woman that can eat a burger in front of them with no shame.

Amen. Ribs that sticks out more than your boobs - not so attractive! And we ought to stop thinking about what men wants us to do, all the freaking time! Seriously, why can't a girl eat a burger without being judged, while a guy can eat twice as much and nobody cares? Girls like burgers too. ;)

How is it apparently acceptable to put down women whose bodies are naturally very slim, yet it's offensive to insult an unhealthy heifer for destroying her body and health? I'm offended at your comment. Stop ******* acting like there is ONE attractive body type. I like thin as **** women. I don't like big girls. Many people share my opinion, just as many people share yours. So saying, "Ew ribs!" is ******* retarded.

Sorry, it creeps me out when women who weigh more than me tell me I should be attracted to them.

I agree, Freeze. Well, not necessarily women who weigh more than ME, because I'm kind of tiny. :D

Thank you intoxicunt, some girls are just naturally thin and others are curvy. I'm naturally slender, and I'm still healthy because I work out a lot. Stop hating on the skinny girls, but it's good that you love your body. I, on the other hand, would hate if I my weight was over 130...

Your username makes me giggle in this context. ^_^ But yeah, if someone lives a healthy life, what their body looks like shouldn't matter. That said, I don't think it's ok that people are like, "Ew, thin bitches are like soooo nasty!" yet I can't say, "Ew, big bitches are nasty!" without someone flipping out. I personally don't like getting over 100lbs, but then I'm 5'1" with little muscle. So for me, that's thin but not scrawny.

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Hm, wasn't there some weird way to figure out what you should weigh? Something like take your height and add a certain number of pounds for every inch above a certain number of feet? I don't know.. I saw that somewhere. :/

Yeah, but those are never accurate. They don't take into consideration genetics and muscle mass. Skin calipers are best, because they see how much of you is made of fat, basically. :)

I probably should've expanded that comment, because that's not what I meant, and I'm sorry for upsetting you. What I'm saying is that it's unattractive (at least to me) when you've shrinked your body to the point when it's obvious it's not your 'natrual size', due to the extremes in the modelling world and the pressure from the society. To me, you can be a size 2, (and look fantastic!) as long as you're not trapped in your body, feeling the urge to get near invisible just to please someone else.

You mean bmi? That test doesn't bring muscle mass into the equation. The best thing to do is do a test to see what your body fat percentage is.

Ah. Yeah, that makes more sense. I don't approve of girls who are just naturally a bit thick starving themselves to be thin. Even though I'd think they looked better, I would feel sorry for them because they obviously hate themselves. :/

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Yeh, I guess that was what I was talking about. Internet is full of lies. >.>

Wow you're like tiny intoxicunt! I'm just tall and slender...5'6 and about 120ish pounds. I feel healthy though :) And thanks about the name compliment? I couldn't think of any other username.

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Intoxicunt, you just answered your own question. You describe someone who isn't "naturally very slim" an "unhealthy heifer" and then wonder why people get angry. Just as you can't control that you are extremely tiny, not all of us can be that way. I'm 140lbs, 5'3", vegetarian, work out 8-11 hours a week, and eat a low-fat, low-calorie diet. Am I an "unhealthy heifer" too, because I don't look like you? Many of my friends weigh much less than I, but I think they're just as gorgeous as those who have curves. I agree that it's wrong that you are picked on for your body type, but consider that you're picking on people who don't share your genetic luck. We're all beautiful when we're healthy. That's the only point worth considering.

#47: I agree with you. Though, I wouldn't call them disgusting. I just feel sorry for them, doing such bad stuff, and want them to start respecting themselves and eat healthier.

Haha, yeah! Everyone is like, "Awwwww," when they see me. I stopped growing at 12. 5'6" and 120 lbs sounds just right to me. :) Edit: 51, no I agree with you. You're healthy, you love your body (I hope), and that's all that matters. Period. I just don't agree with UNhealthy people stuffing their face and trying to say, "Oh, but I don't WANT to be thin [even though I'm not naturally large] because that's ugly."

#51: I'm thankful for the fact that there's people like you out there. :)

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I'm glad we agree, then. But, perhaps I'm in the wrong culture, but I've NEVER seen a skinny girl trying to make herself obese because skinny is ugly. Most skinny girls I meet love their bodies because they fit into modern "beauty" culture. However, the first time I wore a bikini in public, I was told by the swim leader to wear a shirt next time, and forced to borrow my skinnier friend's t-shirt before I was allowed into the pool. I was 13. I've never seen someone tell a skinny girl to cover up because their ribs show. The only thing I've heard someone tell a skinny girl was questions about if they eat enough, and that's a valid concern with the amount of eating disorders today. Most of them are understandingly annoyed. No one looks disgusted at a skinny girl when they eat a hamburger or a doughnut, but if I eat more than a salad, I get comments. Think about your language next time, when the only options you state are skinny/healthy and heifer/unhealthy. It's a sensitive spot for many of the heifer/healthy girls out there.

My name (Rebecca) actually means heifer, so I won't ever be able to escape. ^^

Girl do pick on each other in school and stuff for being too thin. "Ew, look at that crackhead bitch. MOSQUITO BITE *******!" Stuff like that. And maybe not a thin girl trying to make herself heavier for 'beauty', but girls overeating because they have no willpower around cake, then claiming they think they're prettier than skinny girls. "Big girls FTW!" is usually a big girl trying to convince herself she loves her body and rationalize living an unhealthy life.

theRovingMage 0

Lol, I've been told I have no boobs, too. I'm an A cup (family joke: I'm a straight-A girl, grades, blood-type, and boobs) and long past the age where I have a chance grow. I don't agree with making fun of anyone for the things they can't control. Period. And "Big Girls FTW" isn't nearly a rationalization, but trying to keep positive in a world that believes they should wear burkahs and eat celery. Just as you call non-skinny girls names, too. I apologize if I seem rude, but you really seem to put non-skinny girls down in the same sentence as saying that everyone healthy is beautiful. If you walk the walk (e.g., don't eat more than a single slice of cake and avoid foods you love if they're unhealthy), then you're definitely in the right.

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thank you intoxicunt, lol, I feel the same way. I'm so sick of people hating on the skinny girls. I've been accused of being anorexic so many times (once while I was scarfing down a twinkie-lmao) and it just gets old. I eat like a pig (teehee :) but I don't gain weight; I can't control my metabolism. Calling a girl fat is no different than calling a girl anorexic.

Like I said, I don't have a problem with any body type that is natural when the person is healthy. I have a problem with people being unhealthy and then saying, "I hate thin girls! They're so ugly! Waaaaah, don't hate me because I'm big!" It's a double standard. I eat an average diet. I don't often have fast food or desserts, but I don't starve myself for 'beauty' either.

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Intoxicunt aw hehe you're small :) I wish I was at least 5'0 i'm 4'11 and about 100 lbs ): I don't wanna get over 100

I'm the same height as Intoxicunt, 4 years younger, yet weigh 120. I don't think I am fat, and I am not unhealthy either. I am a vegetarian and eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily, I don't eat a lot of processed/junk food, and try my best to exercise (I have health problems so it's kind of hard). What I hate is when skinny girls eat junk food and sit around all day, and then make fun of heavy girls who eat healthy and exercise. Being thin does not mean you are healthy, and being heavy does not mean you are unhealthy.

I 100% agree with Toxi-- with what she's saying, not with how some people are misinterpreting her statements. 58: Your statement that starts with "No one looks disgusted at a skinny girl when they [sic] eat a hamburger..." couldn't be more wrong. Bit of background: I'm 5'7" and weigh 106lbs. It's a genetic thing, but it's also a side effect of my pain disorder. Before I got sick, I weighed 120lbs. at the most, so I've always been underweight but healthy, despite being a total foodie and having a generally huge appetite. I can't even begin to count the number of times that people have watched me eat while staring in disgust, or making disgusted comments about how much I'm eating, or announcing how it's gross that I can eat "anything I want" without gaining weight. It's always women saying these things, often total strangers, and not always overweight women, either. I can't remember a time when I didn't get such comments, actually, as well as being called mean names like "anorexic", "skinny bitch", "beanpole" etc. I don't really care about the strangers anymore-- they don't know that I simply eat for taste and enjoyment. For me, that means eating as much or more healthy stuff as junk like burgers and fries. But it really bothers me when friends and family say those things seriously, since I'd never act disgusted with my overweight or average friends' food habits. It's just tactless and rude.

BTW, I've also been told to "cover up my ribs" or to "stop showing off" while wearing a bikini.

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IrishJaneDoe, I'm sorry people pick on you. Honestly, I find the beanpole look more attractive than my own body type. (All my boyfriends were 6'+ and not more than 160). I wasn't even disagreeing with Intoxicunt. I was just asking her to consider how she phrased her words so it wasn't implying that skinny was the only healthy, and that big girls can be allowed to praise their own bodies without it being a justification for being fat. Otherwise, it reads somewhat like "Those fat bitches always tear me down because they are envious of my body type!" I'm fine with people saying they prefer slim girls, just as I'm okay with them saying they prefer girls with a little meat on their bones. I'm not okay with anyone picking on someone for their weight. Neither body type can play the victim here.

129- The only thing I'd like to point out in the whole of this discussion is that while there are some girls who are naturally bigger, yet healthy, there are many more out there who eat like crap and are larger because of their eating habits. Let's use my size as an example. I'm 5'3", 115 pounds (taking into account monthly fluctuations). My BMI is around 20.4, which is in the healthy range, but nearing underweight. (18.5 I believe is underweight... need to double check to be sure.) If I were to gain 20 pounds, bringing me up to 135, that would still technically be healthy. Mind you, if I were to gain that much, it should be made of more muscle than fat. Several years ago, 130-ish was my body's happy weight. I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted; if I felt like missing a work out, I could. If I gained or lost anything, my body would kick in and either gain or lose weight to bring me back to my happy weight of 130. Now, at one point, I was 150 pounds. That was overweight (27-point-something BMI) and I worked out very little. My diet was extremely unhealthy. Since society is geared more towards fast food and whatnot, they're more likely to be eating unhealthily, therefore gaining unnecessary weight. Another point is that (at least where I'm from) most people are too busy to work out. All in all, there are women out there who are built thicker naturally. Those are the ones that we SHOULD be calling big-boned, since they are. These morbidly obese women calling themselves big-boned are just covering up their mistakes and trying to accept their unhealthy way of living. Who cares if you're eating healthy, working out, and still 150 pounds on a relatively short frame? You're still living a healthy lifestyle. It all depends on how you live that dictates whether the extra weight is natural/healthy, or not.

I find it amusing that people rated down my comment saying I'm not attracted to women heavier than me. Sorry ladies I offended. If I can watch my weight that means you have to, too.

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My girlfriend used to model. 5'0, anywhere between 65-95 pounds with 36DD breasts and size 00. And she could eat like a man. She got all the way up to 120 when she was sick, but dropped it off in a month or so. Fat girls have always criticized her and called her fat to make themselves feel better.