By MCRxforever - 17/06/2010 22:56 - United States

Today, I was taking my dog on a walk when two younger looking boys rode their bikes up towards me. One said, "What about her?" The other boy said, "Nah, she's ugly." FML
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You're looking at this all wrong: maybe they were looking for someone to assault and you just weren't attractive enough. Your homeliness saved you from being attacked.

hey your lucky they didn't rape you or smack your ass.


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straight up. that's sad :/

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@Annabanana314 No offense, but what in the world are you talking about?

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seriously, I didn't follow that.

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what kind of fish? :} haha

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how about u shut the **** up because ur not cute or funny Ina naeive way

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I would beat them up and make them cry but that's just me 

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Haha. Young boys are just so lovely.

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pownage by Ari  lol mm op fyl I guess

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omg ur so funny using shit every1 ses and ur just saying cuz u got nottin to say and resort to un proven facts u have no evidence of all imma say is that picture isn't decent looking

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well, vergaso, maybe if you typed so we could understand, seeing as this place is easy to type out full words and you are not limited by character counts, maybe we'll take you seriously when you can spell and have proper grammar. but that's a big maybe.

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vergaso-get over it. She's pretty, once you put a picture up then you can judge. And seriously, learn to type.

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hi ari bye ari nit trying to get banned andddd im tired ans have to bw up in 5 hrs n 15 mins for work 

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 thx again eden n goodnight now had to lwt the pomeranian out before he pissed everywhere 

hahahahaha. i have no idea why that made me lol so hard. it's like something out of a comedy film. :p anyway, sorry about that, OP. sometimes guys (and girls) are complete jerks. you just can't let it bother you.

lexa, you look 12. I mean that on no offensive way

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I'm 14, close haha. my old picture, I actually was 12 :P

Oh well then I can say you are pretty. couldn't if you were 12 tho. that would be weird

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haha, I can see how that would be awkard.

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maybe they were talking about the dog fyl for having an ugly dog

yea 87, I am kinda ugly. just sayin

count yourself lucky op... they could have been deciding wether to rape you or not...

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125, you don't carry much looks to be saying that. lol fail indeed.

yea and 141 you look like a ****** so you fail, and i bet i get more than you

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Never rule out the possibility that they were talking about the dog.

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But what if the boys were referring to the OP's dog?

I know, I pride myself in being an asshole.

what's with attacking innocent people on comment streams? there is nothing wrong with that girl, she's pretty and she seems awesome so why is everyone attacking her for being herself? that's pretty immature.

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yall niggaz are gay if you've ever seen the boondocks show you will get it

Peace and love everyone! All the girls that commented on this FML are pretty imo.

that sucks.. some boys can be so insensitive. Slap them

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how should she be happy? getting dissed and called ugly by 2 little kids is sad.!'

You're looking at this all wrong: maybe they were looking for someone to assault and you just weren't attractive enough. Your homeliness saved you from being attacked.

I'm sorry, that's awful! Kids say some pretty mean things sometimes...

And you're really going to take what two children say seriously?