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  vergaso  |  0

omg ur so funny using shit every1 ses and ur just saying cuz u got nottin to say and resort to un proven facts u have no evidence of
all imma say is that picture isn't decent looking

  MrLefty  |  8

well, vergaso, maybe if you typed so we could understand, seeing as this place is easy to type out full words and you are not limited by character counts, maybe we'll take you seriously when you can spell and have proper grammar. but that's a big maybe.

  DncrHap  |  9

hahahahaha. i have no idea why that made me lol so hard.
it's like something out of a comedy film. :p

anyway, sorry about that, OP. sometimes guys (and girls) are complete jerks. you just can't let it bother you.

  rockerbelle17  |  0

what's with attacking innocent people on comment streams? there is nothing wrong with that girl, she's pretty and she seems awesome so why is everyone attacking her for being herself? that's pretty immature.