By NiquetChrome - 14/04/2013 23:18 - France

Today, I borrowed my 23-year-old son's laptop. The sticky keyboard gave me a good idea of his browsing history. FML
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He couldn't even clean it off before his own mother touched it... How distasteful! Lol.

Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea, Sir. (:

Sir, if you had known, and it had appeared to be such an obvious fact, why did you post it for everyone to see. This is called stupidity .

My username is HockeyGAL which seems to imply that I am a girl. So calling me Sir was kind of silly.

I'm a bit skeptical as to what the substance is considering semen isn't sticky after it's dried off. It's a crusty solid. It's not like maple syrup or soda, which is probably what it is. Sorry to ruin the dirty fun everyone, let's all go home now, pack it up.

To be fair, it's probably just food. Unless the OP's son is generally a dirty/messy person, it's unlikely he was jizzing straight onto the keyboard because that's both gross and might wreck the keys.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Soda or food is more than likely what left the sticky effect, if she meant the keys were sticky to the touch, for semen would no longer be sticky. If she meant that the keys were getting stuck, then the laptop likely gets constant use and some of the springs have misaligned. That happens pretty often with college students. In fact, the one I'm on right now had it happen, too.

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Who even just leave it on there? Or gets it on there in the first place? I mean, he could at least wipe it off.

I wonder the same thing. Men could at least aim into a $2 sock instead of a $600 laptop.

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Still not applicable as it would dry up and "crust" what's on the keyboard is likely food or drink... *also not speaking from experience*

He needs to stop dipping his fingers in syrup.

He also needs to stop going to

And his browsing history was obviously Google searches for how to get the syrup stains off his keyboard.

He just likes the idea of breakfast in bed.

Damn! Craving pancakes with maple syrup now!

ApollosMyth 22

42- I was not expecting that at all. Thanks to you I got my desk messy. Never drink juice while reading comments.

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112 - Don't forget to clean your desk and hands after that or you'll cause another FML.

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142 - Honestly, I'd wear gloves because I wouldn't want to cum anywhere near that nastiness.

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I guess you're stuck in s sticky situation too having to talk to him about this

Not necessarily OP, could be pizza droppings, ketchup, ice cream... Give your kid the benefit of doubt

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Exactly what I was thinking..

Yeah I don't fap on my keyboard, but I have spilled icecream, pop, juice, etc on it, which definitely made it gross. Just because his keyboard is sticky doesn't necessarily mean he's been fapping onto it, he could just be messy in a more innocent sense.

Either way he is a grown man. It is none of OPs business if he consults Professor Jerkoff on his laptop.

Agreed, I mean, who jerks ONTO their keyboard, especially on a laptop, which can't be replaced unless you buy a whole new one.

Actually, a laptop keyboard can be replaced. It's surprisingly easy too.

Who the hell would actually fap on to their keyboard?! That's just odd...

What's long, hard, brown, and sticky? A stick.

I was going to comment, giving the most obvious thing at first, but then I was like, "that's gross, I won't." So I'll give another answer:) A black mans penis after unprotected sex.

65- it is if its one of the regular ones instead of the mini ones

What's long, hard and full of seamen? A ship

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Maybe it was something else...

Are you sure it wasn't sticky from...ah, hell, never know why the keyboard was sticky and so do I!!

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I guess maple syrup is really hard to clean...