By nenes_cargo - Czech Republic - Prague
  Today, while doing a course abroad, I went to buy some condoms at a supermarket, because my boyfriend was joining me for the weekend. I don’t really understand the language in this country, but I clearly understood that the cashier was suggesting we try them out together. FML
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  Danne696  |  14

#10 #11 First off, I don't think this is acceptable anywhere but if sexual harrassment were acceptable in some cultures, most people will still think he's an ass for acting that way.

  scyth3s  |  13

#10, you sweet summer child. There are plenty of cultures where it's ok and generally accepted (even if unlawful). The whole "let women walk around safely" is really a thing of recent times and many cultures haven't adapted yet.

By  Suaria  |  37

I've had a cashier comment about me buying condoms. I went to the store with my guy friend and the cashier told us to have fun that night. I was seeing someone else at the time and my guy friend is gay so we weren't going to be doing anything fun together.


I hate the enabling idea that things like this should be taken as a compliment. I once reported a chef in the restaurant I worked in because he would openly stare at my chest and walk by and purposely graze my ass and make gross comments. You know what my manager said? "You should just take it as a compliment." He never got fired despite many more complaints. Wtf. People have told me this on numerous occasions like I should be thankful someone thinks I'm attractive enough to be sexually harassed. How is this kind of thinking so common? We should all stop using this excuse. It is NOT okay.