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  TheFection  |  0

exactly. and what were you thinking anyway? book a large room and have sex while the kids are in it with you? no. or were you hoping to book two rooms and leave your kids alone in a strange place just so you can have sex because you can't wait a few days?

  KasCiaYr  |  0

It is supposed to be fun for the whole family, not just kids. And why do girls eagerly agree with this nonsensical thought of fyldeep?
but anyways I agree that it's not a big deal cause OP can have some quiet action after kids are asleep.

  FYLDeep  |  25

Part of it is that I agree with TheFection, but just didn't mention it. When exactly would the OP be expecting to have time without the kids even if he had a "killer" room? Regardless though, I still think it's a bit selfish to post something like this when Disney World is most definitely a vacation for the kids, not the parents. They should be worried about whether or not the kids have a memorable experience. If he was booking this vacation thinking it was the perfect place to fuck his wife, then he's got fucked priorities.

  boothette  |  0

that's dsigusting. who in their right mind would have sex while their children are asleep in the same room? not normal people that's who. btw if your are trying to traumatize those poor kids good job :|

By  perdix  |  29

It's called The Happiest Place on Earth. If your wife's version of happiness involves not having sex with you, maybe you'd better spice up your game. ;)