By pinknicki87 - 03/02/2014 17:34 - United States - Charleston

Today, after months of looking at cribs and picking out the perfect one for my unborn daughter, the store informed me that they no longer make that crib, even though the model is right there on the sales floor. I had to leave as my hormones got the best of me and I started bawling. FML
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OP here. Thank you so much for all your kind and supportive words. I seem to be emotional over everything lately. Thank goodness I have such a supportive husband. I know everything happens for a reason, and we will find the perfect crib. Obviously that one wasn't meant to be.

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Tell the manager that they should put away the crib if they don't still sell it.


It could suck but maybe she'll find an even better one. I had to go through that hell. It wasn't the with a crib but other things. It would bring me down for a day or two then I would find something better. Good things come to those who wait.

I agree with #14 because maybe the there was something wrong with the crib, or maybe it's just bad luck but I have no doubt that OP will find an even better one!

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That does suck, but I think I'd be the employee going "Is this woman really sobbing because we don't have the crib model she wants?"

@#59 i doubt that her initial reaction to finding out they no longer sell a certain baby crib would be crying if she werent pregnant. but she is indeed pregnant and its probably hard to control her emotions.

did u ask for the model? depends on the place and who u talk to (manager), but a lot of times they'll sell it to u.

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Why not buy the display model if you like it that much? You'd probably get it for a discount.

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Hormones suck OP. Hope you find another crib!

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Talk to the manager! Sometimes they'll allow you to purchase the display model.

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My computer was the display model, so if you really want it op, ask if you can buy the display!

So was mine, has those annoying unremovable stickers on it

Tell the manager that they should put away the crib if they don't still sell it.

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Floor models usually break a lot sooner than new ones do. It's not worth it to buy one.

Yeah, but would you take that chance? Would you use some beaten-to-hell crib for a couple years when it could possibly break with your baby sleeping in it? I didn't think so either.

If you plan on having more than one kid, you'd want a crib to last longer than 1-2 years.

You should've spoken to the manager! They could've at least helped you out with similar options or maybe even the actual display crib.

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Yeah I don't understand why they couldn't sell the floor model then. That's really stupid.

The store actually CANNOT sell the crib, even though they'd make money on it. Unfortunately, as soon as they set up the crib, it's a liability to sell it because: 1) You don't know if the person who assembled it together actually assembled it correctly. 2) Once that model goes out on the display floor, customers do whatever the heck they want to it - I've seen them "test out" the crib by putting their child in it when it's up on a steel shelf, where it's INCREDIBLY unsafe, as well as seen them take it apart to see how it fits together. 3) You don't know how long the model has been out on the shelf. It could have been weeks, months, or years. Things could get lost. 4) You don't know if it's missing parts, or if it was assembled BECAUSE it was missing parts, simply so they could have a display because of said missing parts. These are just examples, but there are SO MANY FACTORS that people don't understand unless they're working from a retail perspective. Just things to keep in mind.

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Also, many times the display is not owned by the store but actually rented to them.

Where I come from you don't have to worry about accident liability, and it has always seemed like a good thing to me.

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That's stupid, why is it out on display then

You're an idiot because you obviously don't understand retail. It's not up to the store to keep the crib up or not. It's corporate that tells them when to get rid of the store model crib. Don't be ignorant you ass. It's not the stores fault.

just break in there at night and steal the display one. its not like they would lose any money since they don't sell them anymore. Right?

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That's okay OP! You can always pick another one, because what's more important is that you are about to become a happy mother! The fact that you were willing to go through so much trouble to handpick a crib shows you will be a loving parent!

I don't know why, but I first read this as " After months of looking at crabs..."

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I thought they were talking about houses at first.

I can't lie I did the same thing for a split second.