Three's company

By cllutz - 07/02/2011 03:18 - United States

Today, I found out my husband is sleeping with my best friend. The best part? We all just signed a 12-month essentially non-breakable lease on a house together. FML
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The lease might not be breakable... but her legs sure are.

that sucks OP. another reason to believe that there is only one person you can trust, it's yourself.


that sucks OP. another reason to believe that there is only one person you can trust, it's yourself.

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nah you can trust me :)

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oh yah, u can trust meh too!

well she should have asked to join in. you know :)

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I would never let anyone of my friends or his friends live with us. even without cheating that's just a set up for problems. ydi the house lease but fyl for the cheating

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Op just needs to start sleeping with her husband's friends.

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I've come up with a theory that you could do anything, as long as you have a fake moustache.

Oh ur picture gave me a heart attack ?

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I smell a reality show :)

OMFG Right??? Lol

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sharon_mic 2


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Nice stache. Better than Chuck Norris. Oh shit he heard what I said..

He even Heard you thinking it, and now it's too late...

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omfg fyl indeed. sorry to hear that op :(

oh that shit sucks. If you're going to be living together and all, make his life a living hell.

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she deserves it for choosing such a shitty husband and best friend.

I'm so sorry :( both of them are assholes

some of it's her fault

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@ #60 what do you mean how?!? Her husband and best friend are sleeping together! they are horrible people and that makes them assholes!

The lease might not be breakable... but her legs sure are.

He's actually Bisexual.

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The pic has nothing to do with it. lol'd at the comment

#8 I completely agree with you but I think that her husband should have some short of punishment as well, I would go with breaking his hands.

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Really? I'd go with cutting off his penis. Guaranteed he would never cheat on the OP again...

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I was thinking da same thing!

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Hey, it's your place too! Walk around naked, playing with yourself. If he asks for a threesome, find a guy for him.

YDI... it's not like you're college kids anymore living in an apartment together... you're married which means major decisions such as buying/leasing houses that you will be living in should be made only between you and your husband... this is what happens when you keep your "best friends" so close to your marriages

I question 'our' best friend all the time....

then don't expect them to be your best friends for long... if your 'other' is cheating you'll know. if you ask them if there fucking your other.. they will lie.. it's all about turning a blind eye and catching them in the act... fyl op

definately agree with no11

so true #11. & OP, you can break any lease agreement you want, just deal with the consequences of having a poor rental history for a few years. move out, you'll be better off.

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well said #11

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Definitely agree, 11. Inviting a best friend into a marriage is asking for trouble. OP, you need to ditch the naïveté and get rid of both of them. Catch them in the act, file for divorce and take the cheating scumbag for all he is worth. It will be worth the messed up rental history.

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