By Trinity - Czech Republic - Prague
Today, I was sitting on a train, doing homework for my programming class, when a man sat in the seat next to me. He must have been a programmer too, because he spent the next few hours staring at my screen and laughing whenever I made a mistake. FML
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By  xxreemey  |  5

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  rotflqtms_  |  18

In New York city, you can be on a train for a few hours, so an hour is really not bad. I wish some of my destinations were just an hour. But Op spent a few hours on the train, not just 1. & Op, you should have just looked at him, and said, "If it's so easy, why don't you tell me the right way to do it?" Free homework help!!! He'll feel compelled to show you up, and you'll get your work done faster... If he's any good. (:

  manonthemoon3  |  4

The same kind of thing happened to me in class a few weeks ago. Another student walked by my computer, and loudly told his friend how bad of a job I was doing. His friend then just had to check it out for himself.

  pradip  |  26

Not just a hour, it's hours. OP staring at a book or laptop for hours on a train will ruin your eye, unless your trains are extra smooth without vibrations.

  zandalee  |  19

If you allow people to treat you badly, they will always treat you badly.
Perhaps it is time to get more assertive and tell rude people to sod off!!

  SolanumX  |  6

No no, everyone is approaching this wrong. Let him continue to laugh, and consider it him lending his professional expertise towards quality control on your assignment. He is basically making it impossible for you not to notice errors, so the joke is kinda on him considering your grade should be better for it.

  pedosmurf  |  7

A lot it's pretty fucked maybe if he knew the guy, but a random person uncalled for. Maybe and just maybe if it was a troll old person it would be funny

  tehcyberman  |  9

There's a difference. Like others said, it's a jackass move to do that to a random stranger. But in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with finding humor at the expense of someone else, as long as you don't do it in front of them, like this guy is.


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