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Today, my water broke. I called my mom, who had agreed to watch my other two kids while I went to the hospital. When I asked her to come over, she just said, "Sorry, now isn't a good time." FML
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How can you say that a mother isn't worth her time? She did mind other two kids and anything could happen, maybe it was an emergency with one of the kids or anything could've happened.

8, I think OP's mom was going to watch the kids while OP went to the hospital.

12, that's exactly what I said, OP's mom watched OP's kids so anything could've happened that she couldn't come to a hospital when OP rang her.

Ugh. Let me explain it better for you. OP's mom said she would watch the kid's when their mother went into labor. OP's mom said that it was a bad time meaning she wouldn't watch them.

17, I'm sorry, I guess I misunderstood

17, OP's mom was supposed to watch OP's kids while OP went to the hospital, but couldn't be bothered to do it when the time arrived. I think you've misunderstood the situation.

Well that's embarrassing, i comprehended OP's message completely wrong. Sorry about that, I accept defeat!

You understood the story when you made comment #3 though. Very confusing, you totally contradicted yourself

25, no it was the same understanding even when I made my comment, i suppose it just seems like I actually understood.

#36 I know now, but i generally tend to believe the best in people so that would be the reason I thought it the other way.

You haven't been on FML long enough #39. :P

Sucks that your mom didn't come, I'm sure she had a reason - hopefully. However congratulations on your baby :-)

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Was this her reaction to your other children?

My god, another inconvenient labour. Get it together mothers! Don't you know people have their own selfish lives to live nowadays?

seriously, and they get their water all over the place!

I know that references to other FML's are usually well-received here, but you're being offensive to the OP, who might not have read the other post.

Lucky your comment explains. The quotation marks didn't quite cut it..

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62, anyone who is going to get offended easily has no business telling their tale of woe on FML. Give OP more credit than that for knowing that.

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So when she asks to see the new baby, tell her it won't be a good time. On a more serious note, I'm sorry bout your mom OP, but congratulations on the new child.

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Why are you having another kid if you don't even have anyone to watch over your first two? What if you get seriously sick? Who is gonna take care of them then?

Her mom is watching her other two kids, and I'm sure she has other people that could watch but your mom would be an obvious choice.

11, OP could be married, and normally the husband goes with his wife to the hospital.

#11 it's pretty normal for the grandparents to have your existing kids when you go into labour, everyone I know that has more than one child has done that! Also there could have been plenty of reasons why the father isn't around that wouldn't be op's fault, maybe he's deployed, away on business and the baby is early, had passed away or run off when she was heavily pregnant. You really shouldn't be so judgemental.

She DID have someone to watch them. Can't you read?

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Dumbass... Obviously if she had a husband, he'll be with her!!! Wow...

Congratulations on your new baby! I hope you found someone to watch your children!