By Bawsack - United Kingdom - Edinburgh
Today, it's my last day at my job because I'm moving to another city. My boss handed me a card and chocolates. The same boss that didn't sign the card because, "Even though you're a great employee, I probably won't remember your name in a fortnight." I've been there three years. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

Or for that guy Spongebob who just kept yelling "CHOCOLATE!"

By  ragnarok1540  |  39

Sounds like someone is bitter that you're leaving. Be happy that you no longer have to work with such an immature ass ...

Unless of course you're a large animal vet and your next job involves caring for juvenile donkeys!

By  xelarea  |  14

He may be bad with names. At least, for me personally, it's easy to remember someone by face and appearance but names are impossible unless I've lived with them for a long time or they became a close friend. If not, he's probably just being silly. Parting gifts don't usually come from someone who dislikes you. Maybe you can reuse the card?

By  tmj25789  |  23

He may not remember your name in the future but at least he cared enough to give a card and chocolates. If you weren't a good employee, I doubt he would have even did that.

  J352SAURUS  |  30

I know that people in Australia and the U.K. use the word "fortnight" regularly. It's a really common thing. For example, my mother gets paid fortnightly. I take it that Americans (or other English speakers for that matter) don't use that word too often?

I'm not hating or anything, just genuinely curious.