By Anonymous - 13/11/2012 10:00 - New Zealand - Wellington

Today, I arrived home after a hard day's work to see my 12-year-old sister had greased up my 8-year-old brother with butter and olive oil, and was attempting to slide him down the wooden floorboards in the hallway. FML
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What a good age to experiment! The good ole days!!!!

so, you are upset that you missed all the greasing up action?


What a good age to experiment! The good ole days!!!!

I wish i thought of doing that when i was younger

That's a brilliant idea, best I came up with is wrap myself in a blanket and throw myself down the stairs :) still fun to do

24- ... Nevermind.

That sounds like fun! Better than mattress surfing, considering I always fell

Seems legit!

so, you are upset that you missed all the greasing up action?

I'd be happy to see that

At least she didn't let him loose in the house and try and chase him down and hogtie him...

Sounds fun to me.

Well at least they're having fun?

Ghetto slip and slide style

Oh god, it's Sylar.

It's probably the "Cleaning up" part that he's mad about.

Honestly, OP, it wood do you some good to have a sense of humor. Your sister was just having a good time, there's no need to bark about it. If you could cedar look on her face, your deep-rooted anger would be otherwise. Make the best out of a bad situation, and don't be a weeping-pussy about it. Branch out and be a fun older sibling.

Perhaps it's because the OP just had a hard day at work and probably was looking forward to coming home to relax, not to be cleaning butter and olive oil off the floor.

Did you only read the first part of my comment, or did all of the puns really just fly over your head?

12- it wood seem they did. Don't worry, you did a pine job with those puns.

I'll help you out. At least I'm good fir that.

Seems I'm already tree comments late. I should just leaf. My performance would probably be wooden, anyway.

Whatever happened to just wearing socks to slide across the floor?

They are to kool for tht

Because that's old school and although fun, you gotta try new things.

OMG! I would totally do that. Too bad I have Black Ops 2 and everything else in life doesnt matter

Awesome if I didn't have to walk my dogs I wouldn't know this post existed either