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Today, I got married wearing a strapless dress. As I walked down the aisle, our wedding photographer stepped out behind me to get a shot of me approaching my husband. Instead of stepping out, though, he stepped on. Stepped on my dress. Pulling it completely down. FML
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dk2008 3

At least your wedding will be unforgettable:)

Your groom was probably thinking "Wow, she couldn't even wait 'til after the reception?"


Aww! I don't think you're ever going to live that one down. I hope you had a good day anyway... if that's possible?

dk2008 3

At least your wedding will be unforgettable:)

that's an unique wedding. I wouldn't be worried. u were surrounded by ppl who love u. those who mind, don't matter, those who matter don't mind. I'm sure they understood and will remember your special day, even years down the road, it might still bring them laughter in a very good way

why are you on this site on your wedding day?

it probably didn't happen today... probably happened last week or smt OP hope u had a gd day anyways congrats !

Lol. Funny but I call shenanigans on this one. Unless you can give us that picture that the photographer took just as the dress went down. But if it did happen then I hope you either wore underwear or are at least good looking. Less chances of heart attacks on the older family members then.

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Actually the better looking she is,the bigger the chance some old guy is gonna get a heaqrth attack :D And FYL definetly.At least the guests had some fun ;d

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I think it's false, because wedding dresses are suppose to be tight so things like that don't happen.


Congrats for showing nipples at your nuptials. That's a wedding no one will forget. On the upside you probably got the pictures for free, I would hope. Saves serious $$$.

@#7 - all of the FML's start with "Today". It's possible that the OP's wedding was actually a couple of days/weeks ago. I can actually see this one happening, and quite easily, at that. Some strapless gowns don't fit as well as they should, and if it was even a LITTLE loose on the OP (or even if it was tight), it could have come off pretty easily. Even a gown with straps might've come down some. I hope that your dress wasn't ripped when it was pulled off.