By thisreallyhappened - 15/05/2009 02:39 - United States

Today, a little girl at my work had an accident. She asked me to help her change, and as she was changing she stuck her hand in her vagina to make sure all the "peepee was gone". She then put that same hand on my face to balance herself as she finished changing. FML
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It would make more sense if you said the kid put her hand in her crotch. The way you've got it, it sounds like she was fisting herself. :/


then she tells you she's a 30 yr old midgit.

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She could fit her WHOLE hand in? FHL

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but kids have small hands...soo it probably could fit...

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has anyone else not noticed that op said, some little girl came up to me where I work and asked me to help her change? who takes some random little girl into the bathroom to clean her up? I used to work for Walmart and that would get me fired quick. I don't know many places that shit flies so ydi for being a creep to take a random girl into the bathroom

maybe she works at a daycare or school?

#180 Maybe op works at a child center/daycare or something

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Ew... this is why I don't like kids.

Ewwww. I hope her mom cleans her. That's discusting but i'm sure the kid didn't know what she was doing.

spelling lesson time!!! okay repeat after me.. the word is d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. yaaayy you did it!

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Do you realize you just made urself look S-T-U-P-I-D?!

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hey dumbass spelling lesson, repeat after me, ok? d-I-s-c-u-s-t-I-n-g. Learn how to spell before you call someone out like a bitch and go **** yourself

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No.. I'm pretty sure hitting a child would not be the answer - for many reasons, too.

haha ew.. gross! how did she even fit her hand in there.

LOL, she probably didn't fit the whole hand - maybe a finger or two and OP just called it her hand.

Are you saying the little girl masturbated infront of OP?

She probably just touched it, not inserted her hand in