By shoggoth_wild - United States - Jackson
Today, my girlfriend and I were talking about times we'd made our mothers cry. She said she'd only made her mother cry once. When I asked when, she said, "When I told her I was thinking about dating you." FML
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  Oceanu  |  14

You sir/ma'am have no sense of humor whatsoever. You probably sit at home all day wondering what "laughing" is while watching a comedy.


A comment on FML doesn't have to be funny, and most of the attempts to be funny get downvotes anyways. Oh well, it's a comment on something where nobody knows who you are and it got downvotes.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Ya, it sounds to me like she was joking and made a funny comment. If she was serious then I'm a little surprised the mom cried. Being upset or mad maybe, but crying? And crying over "considering" dating you? I wonder what her reason for that was? Hopefully your girlfriend was just joking anyways.

By  JuliaaNoelle  |  26

Depending on how long you guys have known each other, how long you guys have been dating, and how long you guys will be together, her mother may warm up to you more! Try to talk to her, maybe take her out to lunch, and stay positive OP :)


I was going to say the same thing. The first time my (now) boyfriend came over my mother saw him walking up the lane, looked at me and said "you better not be dating him" he looked like a typical punk. Dreadlocks and eyeliner and black nail polish. But once she got to know him she really liked him, and now thinks he's the greatest thing.
I'm sure everything will work out for OP too. She did say that was before you started dating, so she may have changed her mind already, and regardless, you still have the girl (: