By good-samaritan-fail - Australia
Today, I was at a music festival when a group of idiots decided to push over a port-a-loo (portable toilet). I rushed over and tried to hold it up to save the person inside from a very messy and embarrasing scene. Not only did the door open, covering me in excrement, but there was no-one inside. FML
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  greenltrn2003  |  0

port-a-john? you just exposed your american-ness

OP: I think they woulda checked if there was someone inside. im pretty sure dudes at a music festival that were trynna vandalize are more than likely posers. It seems that you're a good person, but...when this type of 'shit' happens jus watch from afar and shake your head in shame

  hannahroonie  |  0

Yeah you would think they would check inside, but no, they really were idiots... they were rocking the one I was in which was not all that fun when drunk and trying to pee! Figured I had to help the poor person as it almost happened to me... won't make that mistake again haha :)

By  plexico  |  3

When idiots start acting as a group, they are pretty unstoppable -- just get the hell out of the way.

Just look a riots, sports brawls and American corporate management.

  plexico  |  3

Actually, if I made an exhaustive list of groups of idiots, it would probably have more items than the population of the planet since many idiots belong to multiple groups.