By good-samaritan-fail - 06/10/2009 15:56 - Australia

Today, I was at a music festival when a group of idiots decided to push over a port-a-loo (portable toilet). I rushed over and tried to hold it up to save the person inside from a very messy and embarrasing scene. Not only did the door open, covering me in excrement, but there was no-one inside. FML
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I guess your attempt at being a nice person went down the toilet.

omg that really sucks! at least you were trying to be a good citizen


ah man that sucks. Gotta watch out for those portable loos.

suaveneanderthal 0

its called a port-a-john. Either you call it that and don't have to put (toilet) in parenthesis OR you could just say portable toilet but you just look like a redundant fool.

You're an idiot. There are different names for things in different places, get over it.

travelbug89 0

Wow, really? it's called different things everywhere dude. I've always heard it as Port-a-potty. Not very suave, Mr. Neanderthal.

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port-a-john? you just exposed your american-ness OP: I think they woulda checked if there was someone inside. im pretty sure dudes at a music festival that were trynna vandalize are more than likely posers. It seems that you're a good person, but...when this type of 'shit' happens jus watch from afar and shake your head in shame

Yeah you would think they would check inside, but no, they really were idiots... they were rocking the one I was in which was not all that fun when drunk and trying to pee! Figured I had to help the poor person as it almost happened to me... won't make that mistake again haha :)

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well then I stand corrected...good thing they didnt manage to tip yours over! nice profile pic ;-)

Wow, shitty day huh

I call it a port-a-potty

omg that really sucks! at least you were trying to be a good citizen

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Haha XD Clever.

No good deed goes unpunished.

aw, atleast u tried to save some1.

Shitty situation indeed!!

I guess your attempt at being a nice person went down the toilet.

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And then all that stuff in the toilet went back to the OP..... FYL.

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Ewww that sucks my friend. Can you say chemical bath?...

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LMFAO Awesome!

When idiots start acting as a group, they are pretty unstoppable -- just get the hell out of the way. Just look a riots, sports brawls and American corporate management.

Actually, if I made an exhaustive list of groups of idiots, it would probably have more items than the population of the planet since many idiots belong to multiple groups.