By Anonymous - 20/08/2009 05:30 - United States

Today, I was at a local chinese restaurant with two of my friends. We were laughing hysterically when my friend tells me to stop making her laugh because she was going to puke, naturally I kept egging it on. She puked all over the table and I was laughing so hard that I peed my pants. FML
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so what was so funny? ;P

what a sight that is to see

this was a waste of 10 seconds of my life.

check please?

Hahahaha I would've laughed at that

yeah where is the fml part? that's hilarious

Translation: My fat pig friend and I were at Panda Express at the mall, and we were eating too much and being little douchebags, like normal.

... I guess you had to be there?

That's not an FML! You obviously had a good time to be laughing so hard, right? :D

You know what is an FML? "Today, these three little jerks came into my Chinese restaurant..."

yeah... i feel bad for the ppl at the restaurant...*shakes head with pity* they're the ones who had to clean up the huge mess u ppl left... lol im hoping u at least left a /very/ good tip as an apoligy for all that good time u had hahahaha but i feel like this was embarrassing and all but u loved every second of it... ;) lol

48- u spelled apology wrong...

110, You spelled you wrong. 48, you almost spelled everything wrong.

You no laugh! that no funny! Why you make fun of chinese people? Chinese people no bad to you! YOU PAY NOW!!! lol....should have gone to KFC :D

I never knew that laughing was now considered an FML o.o

almost as classy as you in your profile picture.

You're quite a pair of spackers aren't you?

Lol, smart. Must've had a good time up until then though :).

who the hell pukes when they laugh hard? So gross. Not a funny fml at all.

Leave. On FML potty humor=win

Well you two would make a delightful couple, what with all the bodily fluids being exchanged.

You just made me think of all the worst things I've ever seen on the internet =(

^agreed...if I saw them walking out of the resturant, I would have been sure the was about to be a new viral video out...involving a random number of cups, girls, and orange chicken.

Silly girls...

You laughed at her puking? ...what?