By Anonymous - 20/08/2009 05:30 - United States

Today, I was at a local chinese restaurant with two of my friends. We were laughing hysterically when my friend tells me to stop making her laugh because she was going to puke, naturally I kept egging it on. She puked all over the table and I was laughing so hard that I peed my pants. FML
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this was a waste of 10 seconds of my life.

yeah where is the fml part? that's hilarious

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Translation: My fat pig friend and I were at Panda Express at the mall, and we were eating too much and being little douchebags, like normal.

That's not an FML! You obviously had a good time to be laughing so hard, right? :D

You know what is an FML? "Today, these three little jerks came into my Chinese restaurant..."

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yeah... i feel bad for the ppl at the restaurant...*shakes head with pity* they're the ones who had to clean up the huge mess u ppl left... lol im hoping u at least left a /very/ good tip as an apoligy for all that good time u had hahahaha but i feel like this was embarrassing and all but u loved every second of it... ;) lol

110, You spelled you wrong. 48, you almost spelled everything wrong.

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You no laugh! that no funny! Why you make fun of chinese people? Chinese people no bad to you! YOU PAY NOW!!! lol....should have gone to KFC :D

You're quite a pair of spackers aren't you?

Lol, smart. Must've had a good time up until then though :).

who the hell pukes when they laugh hard? So gross. Not a funny fml at all.

Well you two would make a delightful couple, what with all the bodily fluids being exchanged.

You just made me think of all the worst things I've ever seen on the internet =(

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^agreed...if I saw them walking out of the resturant, I would have been sure the was about to be a new viral video out...involving a random number of cups, girls, and orange chicken.