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Today, I took a cute girl out to an arcade date, and mercilessly dominated her in every game there, to the point she refused to talk to me afterwards. Gamer Pride: 1 - Getting Laid: 0. FML
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You took her to an arcade?! so u could beat her at all the games...? YDI

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I am going to say YDI. You shouldn't have "mercilessly dominated" her in the games; you should have let her win a couple at least (IMO).


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You took her to an arcade?! so u could beat her at all the games...? YDI

Agreed. YDI. Should have let her win but not be obvious about it.

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OP I respect your decision and I would have done the exact same thing. Girls will come and go but video games will always be around :D

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He doesn't deserve it. >:( FYL for not finding a girl that isn't as into videogames as you, if she was she would've been able to beat you at least once in one of the games. Sure, you'd be getting beat but at least you would've found a girl that you can play videogames with! >:U and she could beat your friends and you could rub it in their faces~

"Mercilessly dominated her" XD XD lmao, that's the best line ever. Especially because it DIDN'T pertain to getting laid.

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while you articulated this well, you had a YDI at "today I took a cute girl out to an arcade date"...very few women will really enjoy that, and those who will tend to not mind if they are video games. should have made sure she was before you went there for a first date, which I am guessing this is

The ones I met tend to not mind being dominated in other ways *wink wink*. If she is a gamer and is that sensitive than FYL , if she doesn't even like video games than YDI. I think it's the latter but it's possible that is isn't.

this is exactly what i was thinking #75. right at arcade

Okay I'm a girl and I love arcade games and love arcade dates... but I'm the same. I'm highly competitive. So if my boyfriend is being a deuche and beats me on ALL of the games. I'm VERY pissed off. The girl is probably just like me. Pissed off that her boyfriend wants to beat her at every game. Not cuz she just hates games or didn't want an arcade date. Maybe she was just as competitive and equally pissed off? & yeah that totally constitutes a not getting laid pass.

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to #81 Dude....your 14, the only thing youd know how to dominate is a video game

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ok first of all your a dumbass for even thinking after you "mercilessly dominated her" (brilliant line btw) she would still talk to u.. the trick is to have fun not to win

arcade dates are the best! i love when my bf brings me there! he kicks my butt at most of the games but i am a great button masher for tekken lol. and playing laser tag together is so fun!...but then again if you were on a date and not together i suppose its slightly different.

@107 14 year olds know about S&M these days :P

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i kick my bfs butt in super puzzle fighter he kicks mine in street fighter. i explain how to stack the cubes better he explains how to do the special moves. we smile and laugh when we win but its all in good fun. its about having fun together. if he mercilessly dominated me when he was with me i woudnt want to play video is that fun for anyone? ydi for being a buttface.

Playing to win at the most hardcore level.

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This girl was nice enough to go with OP to an arcade. You should've at least let her win a few games. YDI, OP. I know I can't stand to be in a loud arcade for a date.

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OP, you're just pathetic. YDI

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I bet if he let her win at all of the games, then she would've decided that he was too much of an untalented weakling. Bitches be crazy.

I second you, OP is an idiot. Why would you even do that? >_> If you're interested enough to date someone than you're interested enough to take a girl somewhere better than an arcade, unless you absolutely know she'll enjoy it more than anywhere else.

Third rule of arcade dates, let them win.

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you're a game nerd, dumbass, why don't you realise that you're astronomically fortunate to have a cute girl hanging around you in the first place? gl with "mericilessly dominating" girls in arcade games, it's apparently the only area you'll be dominating them in - especially if you're enough of a douchebag to describe it as "mercilessly dominating" afterward

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She just got really hot from being around you, and your macho-arcade skills. She probably wants to save it for marriage, and you're too tempting

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I took out one of the best girlfriends I had, but unfortunately we had Enoch differances that we are better friends, anyhow first date I took her on was to an arcade/ poolhall that had fullsize tables. I played pool often so I had an idea of a game that would be fun. BEST date ever. NO shame in losing a few games to a girl.

if u really were highly competitive u would b able to handle losing as well and u cant blame ur bf for doing wat u strive to do (dominate)

@76 maybe she does like video games, but doesn't like losing them. but seriously op, you should have let her win a few

How does OP deserve that? Why should he handicap her just cause she's a girl? That's the very essence of sexism. And I'd say he took her to an arcade simply for the fun environment, not because he simply wanted to beat her at something. FYL OP

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I am going to say YDI. You shouldn't have "mercilessly dominated" her in the games; you should have let her win a couple at least (IMO).

Sorry, xinabeth, but girls hate it when you let them win. He should have just kept it closer, maybe mercifully dominate her. I played Putt-Putt on a date and she accused me of throwing the game. I was actually rusty at mini-golf and played my best, but I sucked. It took a lot of proving to regain my manhood in her eyes.

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How can you speak for every girl #54?!

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plexico is right... me and my girl both wrestle and i had to wrestle her in the first round of a tournament... i kept the match close but i still won and even though she said she was mad that i beat her, she said she woulda been more pissed if i threw it

plexico is NOT right, if i went on a first date and the guy chose to show me up to keep his gamer status, i'd peace out of there. it's a DATE, not a championship.

shadowoftheday, I'll admit that I'm making a generalization, but I think that I am probably right over 90% of the time. I might say "Girls don't like Cleveland Steamers," even though there are a few that do. It's just a safe bet that it is probably best to keep you feces to yourself when you first have sex with someone.

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i was agreeing with plexico that its probably not the best idea to loose of the start, everyone loves a good close match and if your good enough at what you do you can make a pretty convincing close match

atty11, Did he whip your ass or did he keep the game close and fun? Was he obnoxious after he won? What would be the fun of winning if you knew your date was not playing his best? Are you 12 years old or something? I just can't believe that a real woman would really like a victory to just be handed to her. It would seem so condescending.

I completely agree. I'm a gamer myself, and while I'm good, most of the guys I know IRL are better simply because they have more time to play because 90% of my friends are lazy assholes without jobs. Doesn't ever bother me that they win, it just bothers me when they gloat like douches about winning. It's like, okay, yes, I know you won. Rubbing it in my face just makes me want to break your fingers so you can't play anymore.

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I agree with Plexico here. I wouldn't want a guy to let me win at something on a date, especially if it's something he does all the time. If the guy is way into the game and doesn't give a shit about me or even having fun... well, he's not getting a 2nd date.

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personally, i think girls are really annoying when it comes to guys. (yes, i am a girl, i try not to be like this) most girls play games to see how much you really like them, and guys just don't get it. the OP probably did not realize the way her mind worked (i don't get it much either). she probably didn't want him to crush her but also didn't want him to throw the game, yet wanted herself to win. very confusing, but that's how a lot of girls minds work. they want guys to act a specific way and when guys don't get it they get pissy. girls want things to go how they want it to go, and if it goes any other way they get pissed. sure, i get mad when i don't win, but i get the f***k over it. FYL for having to waste a cool arcade date on that dumb bitch.

202, when editing the word ****, there are only two letters to be starred f**k. dipshit idiot!!

that's bull. girls want equality? get good.

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I wish I was cool period. All you "popular" girls are the same

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YDI for the stupid arcade date! And YDI again for beating her....RASPUTIA HATES YOU!! You should have taken her to KFC! I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't been laid in your entire life you also live in your parent's basement?

Are they paying you commission? Should I mention your name next time I go in?

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Yes, I am their biggest customer. Just say Rasputia sent you, you wont have to pay at long as you buy under $100, you should be fine :D This is your coupon code: 5V0A2G8I1N3A And yes, I always WIN!! NOW QUIT ADJUSTING MY SEAT!!!

let her think she has a fighting chance, dont be obiouls about how cocky you are about it, jsut do it in the game (running around in front of her gun)

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you didn't somehow see that outcome coming?

go find yourself a girl who can play video games

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^this times 1000 You shouldn't have to let her win. They're just games after all. Just don't be an ass about it when you win.

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Agreed #19. Any girl that can't take losing is out in my book. I've always wondered why people think its OK for them to dominate us, but not the other way around.

1) there is a difference between "losing a game" and "getting mercilessly beaten at every possible game by the same person". 2) taking a girl out to an arcade just to cockily show how awesome you are at every game present is NOT going to impress her. Any guy doing that would be immediately out in my book. 3) on the awesome date scale, being the best at every arcade game and being cocky about all your wins ranks even lower than having a lvl70 WOW night elf druid. If you're so dedicated to that arcade, **** a pinball machine, not a girl. 4) if you were looking to get laid, why did you take her to an arcade anyway?

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#36 if we could **** pinball machines men wouldnt be so desperate. Im pretty sure whoever comes up with that would be a millionare. #15 & #19 Agreed! I think this is hilarious. And since you didnt have a chance with her anymore (after trying to talk to her) you should have rubbed it in her face. Something along the lines of... "You got PWNED! RUN HOME AND CRY TO YOUR MOMMY! IF WE EVER HAVE KIDS, IM GONNA TELL THEM ABOUT THIS DAY AND THEY WONT RESPECT YOU!!!!!" just to be kind

Well *that's* mature. /sarcasm. Maybe she wasn't talking to him BECAUSE he was doing similar (not as extreme...) every time he won?

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^oh...well then he's awesome...with a mindstate like that, who needs sex!?

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i think seti is right. thats immature if u cant take baing beat by someone in video games... how old r u to throw a fit for something like that?... FIve? *rolls eyes* OP, im glad u didn't let her win... but im seriously hoping that you didnt rub it in her face either or else you'd deserve it. next time try to get a chick who isn't a prick about loosing a game or just take her out to the movies where she can't really get upset over much. better luck next time :)

i agree on the sense that he shouldn't have been so cocky but arcades are really fun...but the only problem is i don't think he really focused on what she likes very much. you can't take every girl on the same date and expect them to all have the same reaction. next time i vote he tries the movies lol

"3) on the awesome date scale, being the best at every arcade game and being cocky about all your wins ranks even lower than having a lvl70 WOW night elf druid." ROFLMAO I agree, that's pretty low.

or let her pick the game... even non gamer chicks are likely to have that 1 game they like and are good at... let her kick your ass till you learn the ropes. this also gives you something to do together. else, reroll your cha