By master baiter - United States - Brooklyn
Today, I was at a job interview for a position I really needed. Somehow, the interviewer and I started talking about fishing. I joked, "I'm a master baiter." Needless to say, I didn't get the job. FML
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  \  |  28

I don't think the joke was well-received by the interviewer.

  friedpwnadge  |  25

57, I think the joke petered out on you. Case in hand, it was a stroke of luck I was able to make a pun at all. It's nothing to beat myself up over, and nothing for you to shake a salami at.

  chatokun  |  10

I know at my company, we have constant sexual and other harassment training, and that joke wouldn't fly. He may find it funny, but his job as a manager requires he do something about situations like that or face discipline himself. If a person is willing to do inappropriate jokes on an interview, they'll likely do them in the work place also.

The manager didn't really have a choice there, in good conscience.

  Coolada  |  15

Making a crude penis joke at ones own expense is not sexual harassment. Maybe if it was an obvious come-on I could see your point, but as it stands there is no evidence of sexual harassment here.

  chatokun  |  10

Companies tend to have broader definitions, Just it being sexual on nature can be offensive to some. To meet sexual harassment doesn't mean you have to be coming on to someone, they could just be making others uncomfortable.

A few years ago I worked in a closed room with large glass windows and an intersection between two major sections of the building. We had many attractive women passing by, so some of the guys made a little joke of making a "bow chicka wow wow" noise when someone hot walked by, and a sorta failure sound when the opposite occurred. They were in a closed room, so the women couldn't hear, and no one was coming on to anyone. Still, HR got involved, interviewed most of the room, and in the end, two participants got fired. If it makes a coworker uncomfortable, it can be harassment.