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  RadikulRam  |  16

#7 You cannot pay your bills without an asshole boss.
What was the name of the legislation passed, to protect/compensate employees' against getting fired for BS reasons again?

  FMLouis  |  6

He still sorta deserves it. If you're the guy getting fired so other employees don't protest a shitty bonus, you probably suck at your job

  perdix  |  29

You must live in a civilized country. In America, employment law is the Law of the Jungle where most of us are helpless gazelles relying on the lions for health care insurance.

  peachesncreem  |  21

Don't forget about the daily living expenses, bills & rent/mortgage OP still has to pay. Just because it's the holidays, it doesn't mean you take a break from paying for those things.

By  Bakarra  |  22

I usually dont so brightsides but a severance package to help pay for holiday gifts and/or now alot of free time to spend with friends and family during the holiday season sound like decent brightsides

  alycion  |  38

Severance isn't guaranteed and if op got it it doesn't sound like the company would give a good severance package since they were concerned with finding money for bonuses. Last time I got severance it was enough to cover my bills for a few weeks while I found another gig. Looking for jobs this time of year sucks as well since most companies are waiting until after the holidays to hire because of management taking vacations and budgets getting finalized. Temp agencies can be a good source though, since there are a lot of people taking vacations this time of year and some places need warm bodies for a month or so until things get back to normal. They often use the agencies to do that. Not the best pay but it can be a decent way to fill the gap until something can be found.

By  LexBvl  |  4

Your ex employer is a saint. Now you will mind your money during the holidays. If they fire you after you will most probably incur a sizable holiday debt making it harder to get back on your feet.

By  perdix  |  29

Nice self-delusion.

Even if they did get rid of you to pay everyone else more, they did have to choose the worst worker to let go. You should be thankful they employed your useless ass for as long as they did.