By UnfortunateGirly - 26/02/2010 08:30 - Australia

Today, my friends thought it would be funny to yell out, "Pass the bong, Emma!" while I was on the phone to my mother. FML
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stinkytruck 0

better than " spread them wider baby"

haha who gives a shit my friends say that all the time. that's Nothing to post about so stop bitching YDI


stinkytruck 0

better than " spread them wider baby"

Averizzle 0

I do that all the timerxceptI say in agirlish voice " Honey are you coming back to bed?" Lol

What a dick move on your friends' part.

Averizzle 0

Wow fail I meant except and I**..

mexicantumblewee 0

when it's my friends I say "pull ur pants up!!!!"

And the FML is??? Are your parents seriously that retarded, that they are going to nag you and hold interventions for you and give you free pamphlets?? Me and my friends do stuff like this to eachother all the time.. but then again, sometimes we are doing the wrong thing, when we're on the phone..

^ This. FMLs have been really watered down lately....

mn_mpls 0

definetly ydi for not passing that bong before you got on the phone. ur lucky it wasn't a blunt so it was extinguished

ahahaha, my friends do that all the time except with "Come back to bed!"

I heard this one already buy it never gets old

asianwolf 2

I'm in highschool and that happens to me all the time.

Reyo 2

Your friends are awesome. One time, we were all at the movies when one of my friends called his really conservative parents to check in. About halkway through the conversation, we all leaned in and said "Honey come back to bed, the lube's getting dry" in a gay accent.

surfluvr44 0

hey at least your friends dont scream "**** me harder!!" while ur on da fone, and your not 13 :)

FYLDeep 25

I hope you made them get up and get the bong themselves.

dc113 0

yea dats wat u get for bogartin it

sex noises r the shit when ppl r on the fone

Haha my friend did this but he just said pass us the weed ;)

if your mom knows what a bong is - she also has one. suggest that you each compare stash to see who has the better hook up

@#2. Are you suggesting that anyone who knows any specific type of drug paraphernalia must own it otherwise they wouldn't know what it is? You're an idiot.

no - not any type of drug consuming device, just bongs. for example, crack pipe is pretty much a crack pipe. everyone knows that. bongs are typically reserved for pot. pot is a common drug. I know many old people (in their 60s and up) who will blaze up. so they would not only know, they could build you one from sticks and rubber bands.

cucuto89 0

Build a bong from Sticks and Rubber bands? I've never heard of that one

Monikabug 9

Orrrr they could just not be completely retarded. Pretty sure there are plenty of old people in the world who know WHAT a bong is and NOT own one. ;l

mtull08 0

Yeah seriously how is this a problem? Unless you have some crazy-ass mother who actually believes whatever your friends shout when you're on the phone... Stuff like this happens to me all the time, but it's not like whoever i'm on the phone with takes it seriously. Edit: Yeah this is definitely just MLIA, not FML.

PsychoMerk 0

well.... let's jus say your friends mistook the vase for one :3

haha who gives a shit my friends say that all the time. that's Nothing to post about so stop bitching YDI

same. i was just wondering if it was weird that this sounded normal to me =)

pitbullmom 0

yeah, this sounds pretty normal, i've even had a friend yell for me to get off the phone cuz we were killing the sacrificial goat * shrug* my mom just told me to have fun

Maybe her parents are strict or don't have a sense of humour. Mine are generally cool but they would have flipped out and I would've gotten the "if they act like that, they're not really your friends" lecture.

hahah yah ik my friends do that ALL THE TIME

lol me and my friends always do that xD

RobD5160 0
pitbullmom 0

maybe it was a special kind of bong.......

pitbullmom 0

well could be a dong bong since this fml was put under intimacy........

it was put under miscellaneous dumb ass

130, you're stupid. The FML was origionally put under "Intimacy," and they changed it to miscellanious.

KurouTenshi 0

remember: puff, puff, pass; repeat. :) it's just good manners.

Well done. That's what friends are for, right?

jj79242 0

you're just mad u got caught ;) high fiiiive to the friends