By DemonicDummy
Today, after smoking, I sat down to watch Supernatural with my young cousin. I accidentally let out a burp during a demonic possession scene and, to our surprise, smoke came out of my mouth. Now there's a crying 11-year-old hiding somewhere in the house with salt. Mom will be home in 5 minutes. FML
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By  Cali  |  54

I think this is when white lies (I have magical powers and/or acid reflux, etc.) come in handy. I mean, if they believe in demonic possession they'll believe anything. Right?

By  GhostFox  |  33

Okay, as someone who's lungs were basically ruined as a kid because a huge chunk of my family smoked, I feel a little obligated to question why you think smoking around a kid is a good idea. Especially since the smoke lingers not only in your clothes, but can have bubbles get trapped in your lungs/wherever.

Someone who smokes isn't very likely to care about that sort of thing, but I still suggest using alternative methods of getting your nicotine fix when around children.

In regards to the kid- you scared them, now you have to deal with the consequences.

  GhostFox  |  33

And if you read my comment, you'd note that I said that smoke lingers in clothes. Which it does. Except unlike what the person smoking the cigarette inhales, the part that everyone else inhales is unfiltered and has even more carcinogenic shit in it. And that stuff lingers for days to weeks.