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Today, I had to babysit two kids. I told them to stop fighting, or to sit on separate couches. They stopped. I asked why nobody would sit on the other couch, where I'd been sitting. They told me it was the couch their autistic brother often pees on. FML
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Why is everyone so serious? Fact, the boy that pissed on the couch has autism. OP wasn't like FUKKEN AUTISTIC SHIT PISSED ON THE COUCH, AUTISTIC PISS EATS THROUGH MAI GUCCI BAG! FML! Why are we reading into it like that? If anything OP is pissed at the kids without autism who aren't socially crippled. Why? Because they WERE fully capable of saying that to OP BEFORE they sat down on the couch. Or even the parents. I'm sure they knew but choose to say nothing. Out of sight, out of mind. I understand people have members in their family who have handicaps (MY OWN SISTER thank you) but not every thing said about some one with a handicap needs to be a fight, good lord!

Yes it does make a difference. If they didn't include the autistic part, I'm sure there would be tons of commenters going "wtf is wrong with that kid? why would he piss on the couch?"


wooo.... second.. not really that impressive... not even sure i got second

but yeah... that kind of sucks... not an overly bad fml

I sorta agree here. Not like the parents would actually leave a piss soaked couch in their house. I'm sure it would be cleaned after they realise he's done another piss on it.

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You'd be surprised. I know parents who's kid still wets the bed. All they do is spray fabreeze on it and flip the mattress over for the next pee night. It's gross!

that is gross. they need to invest in some appropriately sized diapers!

Mother Fu*ker! That is more gross than a carbuncle on a cow's ass.

I agree that it isn't that bad. I work in assisted living and anytime someone has accidents we make sure to scrub the couch and clean it. But it still isn't the worst body fluid to have on your clothes in my opinion.

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Did you really have to mention that he has autism? I dont understand why that bit of information was necessary.

#8 because it explains the occasional pissing ob the couch.

Tell me, why would that bit of information be unnecessary?

I agree, I dunno why he having autism had anything todo with it

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#13, it's not necessary because it really doesn't make a difference if the child is Autistic. Pee is still pee. The OP makes it sound like because it's an Autistic child's pee, it's worse. OP, you should have expected something like that if you were babysitting. Kids do the darndest things.

Yes it does make a difference. If they didn't include the autistic part, I'm sure there would be tons of commenters going "wtf is wrong with that kid? why would he piss on the couch?"

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its not just authistic kids who pee on couches, my brothers 11 and authistic and has been potty trained since he was 3 so i agree with #8 that bit wasnt necessary. just sayin.

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they included that piece of information because no one would know why some kid is pissing on the couch. its not saying all autistic kids are like that but this one is. do i need to explain anymore?

But some children have it very severe. Which would cause them to do things like pee on a couch, which could only be explained by the fact that they're autistic.

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My brother was 7 years old with autism and constantly peed on the carpet in my lounge room

I am also autistic and can confirm that I have never urinated on/in any other objects but the toilet

did you mush your face into it and try to soak any up before it evaporated?

At least you know how to punish them next time. I bet now that you know they'll listen to you and behave themselves. Also, never sit on that couch again.