By Henry - 06/02/2010 03:19 - United States

Today, I realized that the only food I have is four months' worth of nutrisystem food from when my parents went on the nutrisystem diet. I am not able to secure a job and buy my own food, so I have two choices: die of starvation or die of nasty nutrisystem food. FML
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Two things: Get a Job: Get a job? You're telling him to get a job? NO ONE is hiring. No, not even McDonalds. Not even Walmart. Getting any job is not an easy thing to do. It also says in the OP that he "is not able to secure a job, meaning he tried and is probably trying. Read, motherfuckers. At least you have food: I HATE this card. When people say "be thankful for what you have, people in [insert 3rd world country] have it worse!" it just pissed me off. With that mindset, NO problem is big enough. Allow me to demonstrate Not a lot of food? Could be in Africa. In Africa? Could be dead. Got a sprained wrist? Could be a broken arm. Broken arm? Could be in a body cast. Body Cast? Could be in Africa. Yes, people are allowed to whine about their problems. They are problems. yes, some people have no shelter, and they should be helped, but someone whose got a problem such as eating nutrisystem for four months ahould be allowed to complain. It's not like you would take his place.

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There isn't a person in the US who doesn't have access to the internet. Why? Because there are libraries with computers and internet all over the country. Having access to the internet doesn't mean that you can't complain about something.


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Get a damn job, OP! Don't just stare at it, eat it! Well, you can always be thinner... look better.

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agree with #14 YDI for complaining about it here get a job and do something about it

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Did you not notice this? "I am not able to secure a job and buy my own food." Times are tough, a lot of people are unemployed and unable to find jobs.

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Yes 71, that's SO true. However, those people shouldn't BITCH about the food that IS available because it's "nasty" when someone else has fronted the bill.

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Exactly. QQ at least you have food. Beggars can't be choosers.

I hope eating it doesn't make u look lik Marie Osmond!

I suppose your parents never went through with the diet.....

i dont blame you for dieting. skinny gypsies are rated higher in attractiveness than fatties. good luck with the diet.

omg me too! that food takes like cardboard I hate it! it's nice to see other people feel the same

God that stuff is ******* NASTY! FYL OP!! Hope you find a better job so you can get better food. Even Top Ramen without flavor packets is better than that crap!

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Dude if you're hungry, you'll eat anything...either that or become a zombie...I vote zombie! :D

hahah true lol maybe get a job cut grass or something

YDI, get a job, get a dollar, buy a burger...

For a dollar you can buy better food at the grocery store you know. It lasts longer.

how does he know how the trail mix tastes like? sounds like a former fatty to me