By nolovefor21 - Australia - Wentworthville
Today, I hacked into my best friend's Facebook account to message my mother about organizing a surprise party for myself for my 21st. She ignored the message for two days before replying, "I don't think so. No one would really show up and I think that would hurt her feelings." FML
nolovefor21 tells us more :
OP here, I didnt "hack" into her account really, I asked her if I could use her account to try and plan myself a surprise party.. Mainly because Ive always wanted one but never had anyone step up to do it. She gave me her password so I could do it. But apparently that was a waste of time according to my mother...
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

If you have to ask for your own surprise party, you should have known. . . sorry for the lack of love OP but I have to go with YDI for being so shady. You could have just held one for yourself like a normal person. . . .

  SuperMew  |  22

I had a former friend try to pull shit like that on my computer. She logged into my FB while I was in the bathroom to try and ask a guy what he thought of "my friend Jenny." He pretty much said "Jenny is annoying, clingy, and doesn't take no for an answer."

I found out about it and told Jenny we were no longer friends because she always did shit like this. She didn't understand limits and refused to see anything from another POV.

I hope Op was smart enough to learn from this and not do shit like that. It's not funny when someone betrays your trust like that. It's not cute or adorable.

  Ins0mau  |  20

75 - Look up "social engineering". It's a perfectly valid form of hacking in the security industry and among hacking circles. It includes getting a password from someone or taking advantage of them leaving something open.

  Levvy  |  22

So in other words you're defending a definition of "hacking" that would include literally every single possible way anyone could get onto anyone else's account in anything. At that point you may as well discard the word, because it doesn't even mean anything any more. Heck, why not broaden that to other terms too?
"Oh, I'm a construction worker. I paid some guys to build a house for me. It's construction work via social engineering!"
"I am so a locksmith! I just only pick the locks of doors people leave unlocked. It's called social engineering locksmithing!"
"I'm a master chef. I stole someone's sandwich. Cooking via social engineering!"

What means of accessing someone's account WOULDN'T qualify as "hacking" under the terms you've provided?

  Levvy  |  22

"illegally gains access"
If you show me what law makes "sitting down in a chair in front of a logged-in computer" or "being aware of a family member's social media password" illegal you will have a point. As for "social engineering" (whose extensive Wikipedia page, as an amusing side note, never refers to it as "hacking" either), I will quote another user from further down the page whose experience was identical to mine:
"I looked it up as you suggested; "Social Engineering" in security terms has to do with manipulating people in to divulging personal information to access an account. It's not going on your friend's computer and accessing their already logged in Facebook page or knowing your friend's password."

  heyyerinn  |  2

It doesn't really say anything about her friend not knowing. I "hack" my friends all the time an put statuses and they know. I'm especially sure the friend knew since it was there for 2 days.

  SuperMew  |  22

Maybe the friend does not go on FB that often? Even if the friend knew, it is still wrong to make the mother think that the friend is suggesting it and not Op. And getting into the habit of lying about who you are, using other people's identity to get a party, and such... obviously Op has some personality issues that make other people not want to come to her party.

Personally, if someone lied to me to get a party, or even thought to use my FB for their own gain... I would not be talking to that person.


Yep and being that needy is usually quite unattractive for both friends and potential boyfriends.
You really went over the line by hacking your best friend's FB account for your own needs. It's disrespectful and a bit disturbing.

  ImAFaker  |  29

Hacking into your friends FB to set up your own party and then getting sad because your mom said nobody would show up and then feeling sorry for yourself and forgetting that you just invaded your friends privacy and expecting people to care? I think not.

  deep_derp  |  9

should have been more specific. i meant i have no friends so if i were to throw a party (not hack my friends facebook) no one would show up and my mom would agree with that statement. even if my friend did try to set up a party no one would show. meh.