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Wash your eyes out with battery acid.

Worst ad ever. "Who wears short sho- OH GOD NO THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU!!!!"


Wash your eyes out with battery acid.

I thought you had to use bleach to wash your eyes out.

Same effect though

#1 I suggest REAL acid!

im sure he's going to go with mine which is sucking the eyeballs out with a vacuum.

but your mind's eye will never be clean again...

#24: Just so you know for the future, battery acid is "REAL" acid. There are many, many kinds of real acid.

Don't forget the brain bleach!

Washing your eyes out won't do anything. The memory will remain inside your brain. You've seen what they look like. If only you could go back in time to warn yourself from that moment.

I feel like washing ur eye out with battery acid would be worse than seeing ur uncles balls

You should go back in time and punch yourself in the face. 100% forget guarantee!

1/2 cup bleach + 1 cup ammonia = no memory.

bendova make ya knees touch ya elbows!!

Talk about playing peekaboo...

A bit too late for that!

Serves op right. They should have gotten their uncle longer shorts for Christmas.

Op here, and shit. He just moved in with us it isn't Christmas yet.

Any chance his birthday is??

Wow he's got balls wearing short shorts around the house. Now even after he's gone you'll always remember his balls. Men In Black would come in handy here.

Sounds like Bad Grandpa except it's real this time...

Bad Uncle Grandpa? But seriously.... that show is bad.

Sounds like he guest starred as Phoebe Buffay's boyfriend

Worst ad ever. "Who wears short sho- OH GOD NO THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU!!!!"

Billy Madison !! Classic. "I can see his balls."

Gunther classic, "Put the mouse back in the house."

sounds like a hairy situation

What if he was smooth?

*downvoted into the depths of hell*

Down vote for shitty over used pun Down vote for not helping Up vote for trying.

I just picture the balls hanging out yelling "freedom!".

"Are you not entertained!!!" For some reason that's what I imagine them yelling as they triumphantly escape short short captivity.

Just imagine the illustration for this FML...on second thought maybe you shouldn't!

So my warped mind is at it again... I'm imagining the right nut and the left nut battling it out in legionnaire armor as they fight for the ever closing gap of light to escape the depths of short short prison. I'm talking gladius' and shields Sparta kicks and screaming. Yes my mind is a dangerous place. And I'm thinking about an old mans nuts going gladiator with eachother....

Yes? What about goats?

I can say that I have experienced this, personally. The guy was damn near 60 years old. I know you understand when I say scarred for life. I know the feels, OP, unfortunately..

Oh, that was you? Sorry, but I hurried to put something on so I could go outside and get the paper. Had you looked a bit longer you would have seen the glorious result that split pants reveal

10m of mental floss, stat!