FML - The follow-up

Today, I spent a while in a tree after fleeing a rampaging Blue Tongue lizard, only to be chased back out of it by an angry possum. Australian wildlife. FML

fifi125 Say more :
Hey guys, just a lil bit of clarification. I was holding onto the tree to get a good look at the blue tongue (which was over half a metre long). We're not normally afraid of her, she's come into our house (which I'll put a picture of in my profile). It's just that that day I was too near her hidey hole so she chased me. I was in the tree havin a little stare-down with her when I must have moved a little too high up because this possum comes out of no where right up into my face. Scared the shit out of me so I fuckin legged it inside. I'm also 16 so I don't have a heap of options about where I live lol
By fifi125 / Saturday 24 December 2016 04:01 / Australia
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  egnur_mas  |  6

I think 9 was talking proportionally their bodies are large compared to their legs. Goannas in fact can climb trees quite well with their claws as well.


Agreed. Blue tongue lizards are a type of skink, not dog-sized monitors, and ringtail/brushtail possums are not so huge you couldn't push it off you, in the unlikely event it did try to attack.

  awesomeamandas  |  43

anyone with a brain would run from an animal that could potentially be rabid or of the animal is plainly angry and wants to attack you. I don't know about you, but I'd like to avoid taking a trip to the hospital for shots or stitches.

  VermilionShell  |  43

There is absolutely no chance an Australian animal has rabies since rabies doesn't exist in Australia. Furthermore, blue tongues are docile harmless creatures; I have seen many had had them living in my garden and never had an issue. If OP was chased by a blue tongue, then he/she was probably harassing it and fully deserved the reaction. Possums, on the other hand, I wouldn't mess with. They have very sharp claws.

By  lexiieeex3  |  42

Unless you're being forced to live in Australia I'm not sure why this is an FML... You did know what you were getting into. Just be grateful it's not one of those spiders that are the size of your face that chased you up a tree.

  The_Sexomancer  |  42

Hard to know what you're getting into if you were born there. Just saying I didn't exactly choose to live in this winter wonderland. But you end up loving despite its flaws.

By  Vanderdale  |  19

Blue tongue lizards really aren't that scary? Seriously unless you're waving your hand in front of their mouth they can't harm you. Clearly you weren't meant for Australian living.

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