By calliefml - 26/04/2009 06:13 - United States

Today, I walked into my dorm to find my roommate hanging a voodoo doll of me on a noose. FML
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maddieguinn 0

this is soooooo funny!!!!!!!!

haha shane dawson did a reenactment(sp?) of this in one of his videos

xlostwithoutu 0

Shane Dawson reenacted this (:

hootersgirl09 0

hahahahah WTF maybe thats not an FML but its funny and kind of creepy. get a new roommate btw!

ZiggyMorrison 0

I'm thinking maybe this is bullshit but if it isnt than definatly FYL maybe you should sleep with a 9mm from now on

that's pretty ****** up what'd you do?

If this is real then that roommate and yourself need to talk. Urgently.